Board for Appointment of Excellent Teachers


  • To draft proposals for criteria and guidelines for appointment of Excellent Teachers within the Faculty of Science and Technology. The guidelines shall be established by the Disciplinary Domain Board/Faculty Board.
  • To draft instructions for applicants as to the development and content of their teaching portfolios
  • To establish the procedures of the Board for dealing with matters relating to appointment of Excellent Teachers
  • To pass resolutions concerning the appointment of Excellent Teachers.


One teacher from each Section and two student representatives at first- or second cycle level and one doctoral student representative. The Board appoints a chairperson from among its own members. The teachers are appointed by the Disciplinary Domain Board/Faculty Board upon the recommendations of the Deans. The doctoral student representative and student representatives are appointed by the student unions concerned.


Gabriella Andersson, ordförande (Fysik)
Cecilia Johansson (Geovetenskap)
Urban Wiklund (Teknikvetenskap)
Maja Elmgren (Kemi)
Lars-Åke Nordén (Matematik-datavetenskap)
Gesa Weyhenmeyer (Biologi) 
Dorothea Ledinek (doktorandrepresentant) 
Emil Näslund (studentrepresentant) 
Jakob Andersson (studentrepresentant)
(Utsedda för 2015-01-01—2017-12-31, studenter och doktorand utsedda för lå 2017-2018).

Excellent Teachers

Appointed by the Faculty in 2014

  • Mats Daniels
  • Christer Elvingsson
  • Conny Larsson
  • Brita Svensson
  • Anders Hast

Appointed by the Faculty in 2015

  • Håkan Kullvén
  • Magnus Hellqvist

All appointed Excellent Teachers at the Faculty