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Celsius–Linnaeus Lectures and Symposium

On Thursday February 8, the doors were once again opened for the traditional lectures in memory of Anders Celsius and Carl Linnaeus.

Uppsala University was pleased to present the following world leading scientists:

The Celsius lecture “Exoplanet Frontiers: Kepler & the Search for Life Beyond Earth” was given by the Astrophysicist and Researcher Natalie Batalha at NASA Ames Research Center and NASA's Kepler Mission, United States.

The Linnaeus lecture "Using experimental and computational approaches to decipher cellular identity and regulation" was given by Biology Professor Aviv Regev at MIT and the Broad Institute, MIT and Harvard, United States.

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Contact and more info

The Celsius–Linnaeus Lectures have been held every year since 1991.

Previous lectures

For further information, please contact: Professor Hemin Koyi, chairman of the Celsius–Linnaeus committee, and Professor at the Department of Earth Science, Uppsala University 

Office phone: +46-18-471 2563
E-mail: hemin.koyi@geo.uu.se

Programme 2018

Venue: Polhelmsalen – Ångström Laboratory.

09.15 Celsius lecture Exoplanet Frontiers: Kepler & the Search for Life Beyond Earth
Lecturer: Natalie Batalha

10.30 Linnaeus lecture Using experimental and computational approaches to decipher cellular identity and regulation
Lecturer: Aviv Regev

14.00-17.00 Cross-disciplinary Celsius-Linnaeus Symposium
Rickard Sandberg Deciphering gene regulation using single-cell transcriptomics
Ulrike Heiter Characterising stars and their planets from the Earth and from space
Kerstin Lindblad Toh Comparative genomics and genetics: deciphering evolution and disease
Jorge Luis Melendez Moreno Searching for the Solar System 2.0
Lars Forsberg Functional consequences of mosaic loss of chromosome Y (LOY) in blood cells – transcriptomic studies in single cells
Jessica Nordlund Analysis of transcriptomes and genomes as a service at the National Genomics Infrastructure (NGI) SciLifeLab