Checklist before a licentiate degree

When What Who

At the latest, three weeks before the licentiate seminar.

If applicable, change of subject (primarily for persons admitted before 2002). 

The degree certificate states subject as well as specialisation. Lic. candidate can request that specialisation is omitted from the degree certificate.

Lic. candidate apply for apply for change of subject using the form application for admission to postgraduate education. Desicion is made by the head of the department.

Several months before the licentiate seminar.

Appoint external examiner/’reviewer’ and determine the time for the seminar.

The main supervisor (in consultation with the other supervisors and the subject responsible professor) determines when the dissertation should be ready, and appoints an external reviewer.

Date determined in consultation with Lic. candidate, supervisor and external reviewer.

A few months before the licentiate seminar.

Book a room for the seminar.

Supervisor (lic. candidate).

At the latest, 3 weeks in term-time before the licentiate seminar.

Submission of lic. dissertation in at least 4 copies, of which one must be available in the departmental office (equiv.), one to the external reviewer, one to the main supervisor and one to the research professor. The department can have further regulations for additional copies.

Lic. candidate

Information on the licentiate seminar is sent out to all same-subject departments in the country and the university calendar.

Lic. candidate, supervisor

Licentiate seminar

Seminar consisting of a review by a reviewer from another research programme.

Lic. candidate, external reviewer, supervisors, subject responsible professor.

The examiner is the subject responsible professor (or his/her representative) after conferring with the main supervisor and external reviewer.

After the licentiate seminar.

Report to Uppdok that the dissertation has been accepted for licentiate degree. The grading protocol for licentiate seminar is archived at the department. 

(Main) supervisor

Report to Uppdok that all courses for licentiate degree have been completed (course in research ethics of at least 2 credits is mandatory for licentiate degree). 

(Main) supervisor.

Application for degree sent to the Graduation Office.

Lic. candidate.