Disciplinary Domain of Science and Technology

Postgraduate courses

Faculty courses at postgraduate level

Faculty-wide courses that are shared by all the different departments within the faculty are aimed at doctoral students within several subjects and specialisations. These courses are partly financed by the faculty and each department can apply for funding for each academic year. 

Available faculty courses

Subject-specific courses at postgraduate level

Subject-specific courses are aimed primarily at the doctoral students in that field, but are generally also open to those with other subjects.

Course requirements

The number of accumulated course points required for a licentiate or doctoral degree is determined by the study plans for each subject and the courses which the individual student must follow according to the individual study plan.

The faculty board has decided that the course in research ethics must be included in all training (see more information below), as well as university educational theory for postgraduate students who teach at basic or advanced level. It is recommended that an introductory course to studying at postgraduate level and a course in scientific writing are included in postgraduate training. 

The university educational theory course is organised by the Office of Academic Teaching and Learning and the Council for Educational Development at the Faculty of Science and Technology (TUR).

Compulsory course in research ethics

For postgraduate students within the Faculty for Science and Technology who were enrolled after 1 July 2008, a course on Research Ethics (of at least 2 credits) is mandatory for both Licentiate and Doctor degree. Either of the two courses, Ethics of technology and science (part I) or Research Ethics for Science and Technology, is recommended.

Course opportunities autumn 2018:

  • Ethics of Technology and Science (part I) More information. Preliminary schedule for the first course opportunity: 27 Sept, 4 Oct, 11 Oct and 18 Oct, at 10-12. The application is closed. 
  • Ethics of Technology and Science (part I) More information. Preliminary schedule for the second course opportunity: 15 Nov, 22 Nov, 29 Nov and 6 Dec, at 10-12. Application. Last day to apply on 15 September 2018.
  • Research Ethics for Science and Technology. More information. Preliminary scheduled dates: 6-8 Nov, 13-15 Nov, 20-22 Nov. Application (deadline 6 September).

Transfer of credits for alternative ethics courses

Transfer of credits for alternative ethics courses is possible. Any credit transfer is handled by the director of studies for postgraduate studies for decision by the Graduation Educational Board.

Welcome programme for new university employees

Uppsala University, organizes a welcome programme for new employees at the university.