Disciplinary Domain of Science and Technology

Welcome and Congratulations!

Warmly welcome to the Faculty of Science and Technology of Uppsala University. Many of our research groups are world-leading within their fields. These research groups can be found in each of the faculty's departments and subjects.

The departments of the faculty are situated at three campus areas. At the Ångström Laboratory and ITC one finds the Departments of Information Technology, Engineering Sciences, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Research conducted in these fields is of highest international quality, as is the interdisciplinary research in areas such as material science and renewable energy.

The Biomedical Center hosts departments from our faculty as well as departments within medicine and pharmacy. It is one of Europe's largest centers for life science. There is a strong concentration of research in chemistry, structural biology, physiology and pharmaceutical disciplines.

The Geo Center is one of the most comprehensive academic environments in earth sciences in Europe. The research fields include air, water and landscape science, geophysics, mineralogy, petrology, and tectonics, natural resources and sustainable development and palaeobiology. Close-by we have the Evolutionary Biology Centre that hosts a large part of Uppsala University's research in biology. Its research is largely based on genetics and is geared towards understanding the evolutionary origins of the characteristics of organisms.

Teaching and learning at our faculty is based on the concept that students benefit from teaching methods that stimulate collaboration and creativity – methods that encourage experimentation and the breaking down of boundaries. As you will see, the academic environment here is quite informal and interactive. As a student, you should feel confident engaging in different teaching and classroom activities and in expressing your points of view.

We know that you will contribute to our dynamic academic environment. We also hope and believe that you will benefit greatly from your studies at our faculty and your stay in Uppsala!

Johan Tysk
Vice-Rector of the Disciplinary Domain of Science and Technology

Welcome Programme

Welcome programme for all internatinal students arriving at Uppsala University

Welcome reception for international students within science and technology

Facebook group for all new international students within science and technology

Master reception arranged by UTN, Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students

In addition and traditionally many study programmes arrange theire own receptions. 

Moving to a new country can be difficult in the beginning:  the language is new, the system is new, the culture is new – it can be quite overwhelming, although incredibly fun! The Buddy Programme is designed to put you in contact with more experienced Uppsala University students who want to help you out with your arrival in Sweden.

Rektor hälsar välkommen

"Uppsala universitet har drygt 40 000 studenter som syns, hörs och märks överallt. Nu blir du en av dem! I våra studentstäder Uppsala och Visby finns ett stort utbud av utbildningar och ett fantastiskt studentliv", skriver rektor Eva Åkesson.

Läs hela välkomsthälsningen

Your first weeks at Uppsala university

The first weeks as a student is a period full of study related as well as social activities. At the central student web you find useful information in order for you to be as well prepared as possible when you start your studies at Uppsala University.

Schedule and dates

You can choose to download your schedule to your calendar in vCal or iCal format. See links at the bottom of the schedule page. If the schedule is changed, the changes will also be transferred to your calendar.

Term dates 2017/2018

Contact us

Those who work with the administration of our programs and courses can answer many of your questions. In case they are unable to answer, they can tell you whom to contact for further information. Each student counsellor is an expert of his or her particular program, but is also able to respond to general questions.  Most of them will be back from vacation on August 14 at the latest. Some will be back earlier.

Here you can find contact information and open hours during summer in terms of student services and student counsellors at our different programs/subjects:

Student service Biology
Student service Chemistry
Student service Computer Sciences
Student service Earth Sciences
Student service Mathematics
Student service Physics
Student service Technology
Student service Ångström
Student service Gotland
Student service Uppsala University (have a broader overview of all education within Uppsala University)

More information

Once you have orientated yourself and got started with the studies you will find more information on the following websites:

The central student web
The student portal
The faculty student web

The subject student webs:
BiologyChemistry,  Computer SciencesEarth Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Technology