The Disciplinary Domain of Science and Technology

The Faculty of Science and Technology, also the Disciplinary Domain, constitute about one-third of Uppsala University and is one of Sweden's most comprehensive faculties. Information and quick facts about the faculty

Quality at all levels

The Faculty is renowned for its quality work at all levels. In the quality assurance system, our students play a major role. As an example, students are represented in all decision-making bodies, as well as external representatives from the industry and the society. According to several evaluations and university rankings, both research and education are of a very high quality. The final report from the recent evaluation of our research can be found here.

The University’s systematic quality work of education covers quality assurance as well as quality development. All education is to be evaluated during the six-year cycle 2023-2028. The faculty’s model for educations at the undergradatute and graduate levels, as well as the model for educational evaluations at the postgraduate level is based on the Guidelines for Uppsala University’s Model for Review of Study Programmes. A Guide for educational evaluations at postgraduate level is available as support for the heads of the various evaluation units in the writing of the self-evaluation and as support to assessors in the assessment process.

Education of the highest quality is developed by committed teachers who are reflecting on the importance of the teaching, are looking for improvements, and are willing to try new methods. In order to achieve education of the highest quality, there is ongoing extensive work on educational development.

Equal opportunities are both a matter of equity and quality. In addition to equality schemes for both employees and students, we take measures to introduce and high-light under-represented groups.

Illustration of quality assurance. A circle of Activity, Result, Analysis and Strategies that leads to continous improvement.

Our Campuses

A multidisciplinary holistic approach is a cardinal principle at Uppsala University. Research and education are stimulated and advanced by the encounter between the varying perspectives of the Disciplinary Domains. Get a short presentation about our campuses or go directly to their websites via the links in the pictures below.

Science and Technology at Uppsala University

Uppsala University offers a unique range of subjects in science and technology. Research and education take place here across a broad spectrum encompassing biology, computer science, physics, earth sciences, chemistry, mathematics and technology. The faculty's successful research and education contributes to the University continually being ranked among the top 100 universities in the world.

Crucial to this success are our many collaborations with companies, the surrounding community, and other universities. Collaboration within and between disciplines, combined with a culture of academic freedom, fosters a creative environment that breeds success in research and education.

Quick facts

  • 2422 employees in total (37% women) among them 206 professors
  • 2.7 billion in yearly turnover
  • 14 000 students
  • 6 002 students (full-time equivalent)
  • 9 master degree programmes in engineering
  • 6 bachelor degree programmes in engineering
  • 8 bachelor degree programmes in science
  • 1 higher education diploma programme
  • 2 one year master degree programme
  • 16 master degree programmes
  • approx. 588 postgraduate students (with an activity of at least 80%)
  • 158 doctor examinations
  • 825 MSek/year in faculty grants for research
  • 1 018 MSek/year in externally financed research
  • ca 2 230 publications in international journals/year

(figures from 2022)

* Almost all doctoral students are employed at the University

Last modified: 2023-10-05