Gender in the science classroom

Many of the external evaluations of our education point out the need to include more Equal opportunity perspectives. In this seminar we’ll talk about gender, and how gender differences in learning are affected by the way we teach.

We’ll mainly use two categories, men and women, because up to now most pedagogical research have only considered that perspective. However, it is important to recognize that a binary division does not fit everyone. Therefore, the seminar starts with a brief orientation about gender identity and gender expression, including tips for gender-inclusive approaches in the classroom. We’ll then discuss the impacts of teaching and examination on gender differences in learning and performance, and show how inclusive teaching practices can improve learning for a majority of our students.

No registration required.

Marcus Lundberg, Nic Timneanu and Malin Östman (TUR)
Karin Stensjö and Charlotte Platzer-Björkman (TekNat Equal Opportunities Committee)