TUK 2015

Teknisk-naturvetenskapliga fakultetens Universitetspedagogiska Konferens, TUK2015, hölls onsdagen den 18 mars på Ångströmlaboratoriet.

Program TUK 2015


Keynote-talare 2015 var Dr. Cynthia Finelli, från Center for Research on Learning and Teaching in Engineering - University of Michigan.

“Promoting institutional change and improving teaching practices”
There have been repeated calls to improve science and engineering education, but are we doing everything we can to promote student success and improve student learning? Are we translating the ample research about effective teaching into actual classroom practice? What can we do to bridge the research-to-practice gap and accelerate the adoption of evidence-based teaching practices?

Dr. Cynthia Finelli is engaged in research at the University of Michigan to design and implement an institutional change plan to promote widespread faculty adoption of evidence-based teaching practices. The plan is grounded in research about faculty motivation and organizational change and uses local data collected from faculty focus groups, classroom observations, and student surveys. Dr. Finelli will present findings from her research and describe the resulting change plan. She will highlight implications for faculty wishing to adopt evidence-based teaching practices, for administrators interested in promoting change, and for science and engineering education researchers engaged in related efforts.

Dr. Finellis presentation hittar du här.


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