Record your own videos for teaching!

Do you want to record and use videos for your teaching but have never done it before? Have you already made videos before but want to make them looking more professional and get help with production, editing etc?

Videos can be used to replace parts or whole lectures, as supporting material for revision, for pre-lab preparation and so on. Now all teachers at the Faculty of Science and Technology have the possibility to use the self-service studio at MedFarm DoIT, the media production unit of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy. At no cost to you as a teacher, you can get advice and support with planning before recording, technical support during recording, as well as editing and publishing of the videos afterwards. There is also the possibility for more extensive media production services by specific arrangement.

Read more about the self-service studio at MedFarm DoIT's website. If you have further questions or are interested in using the service, please contact Felix Ho.