Networks for pedagogical development

TUR runs a series of networks for further pedagogical development. The network meetings give opportonity for the participants to meet, exchange experiences and discuss current opportunities and problems together. 

Network for pedagogical leaders

This network is specifically aimed at pedagogical leaders such as head of research programs, subject coordinators, directors of studies  and heads of department, since the collaboration between these is important for successful pedagogical development work.
Contact person: Maja Elmgren

Network for peer observation

This network brings together teachers who are interested in visiting, discussing and developing each other's teaching practice in collegial forms.
Contact person: Jannika Andersson Chronholm

Network for communication

Within this network, teachers and pedagogical leaders are interested in working with communication training in education in technology and science.
Contact person: Katarina Andreasen

Network for distinguished university teachers

This network represents the Faculty of Science and Technology's pedagogical academy, and we gather our faculty's distinguished university teachers for exchange of ideas dna indepth dscusttions.
Contact person: Maja Elmgren

Network for TUFF-recipients

All of the recipents of current year's TUFF funds get together in this network for exchange of ideas and support.
Contact person: Stefan Pålsson

Last modified: 2021-10-25