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Contact information related to education below graduate level

Are you looking for a researcher?

Use the search function in the top right. If you do not know who you are looking for, search our departments or contact the university switchboard and they will direct you further. 

Media contacts

Contact our information officer responsible for media contacts 
You can also contact the other information officers at the communication and outreach unit or the university’s central press and media contacts

Faculty Administration

The Office for Science and Technology is responsible for the support of the Board of the Disciplinary Doman and other boards and committees, and the departments and other units included in the Disciplinary Domain.

Faculty Management

The Vice-Rector has the overall responsibility for the operation of the Disciplinary Domain of Science and Technology. In addition to the Vice-Rector there is a Deputy Vice-Rector as well as Deans for Education, Research and Collaboration respectively.
Contact information and information about the Faculty Management

Boards, Commissions and Committees

Our organisation pages feature information about our boards, commissions and committees

Sections, departments and collective units

Our organisation pages feature information about our sections, departments and collective units

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