Board for Appointment of Excellent Teachers


  • To draft proposals for criteria and guidelines for appointment of Excellent Teachers within the Faculty of Science and Technology. The guidelines shall be established by the Disciplinary Domain Board/Faculty Board.
  • To draft instructions for applicants as to the development and content of their teaching portfolios
  • To establish the procedures of the Board for dealing with matters relating to appointment of Excellent Teachers
  • To pass resolutions concerning the appointment of Excellent Teachers.


One chairperson, one teacher from each section and two student representatives at first- or second cycle level and one doctoral student representative. The chairperson and the teachers are appointed by the Disciplinary Domain Board/Faculty Board upon the recommendations of the deans. The doctoral student representative and student representatives are appointed by the student unions concerned.


Lars-Åke Nordén, chairperson
Gabriella Andersson (Physics)
Anna Brunberg (Biology
Veronica Crispin (Mathematics-Computer Science)
Maja Elmgren (Chemistry)
Fritjof Fagerlund (Earth sciences)
Håkan Kullvén  (Engineering)
Nanny Strandqvist (Doctoral Student Representative) 
Andreas Eriksson (Student Representative) 
Elizaveta Yakovleva (Student Representative)

(Appointed for 2018-01-01 — 2020-12-31, students and doctoral students for the period 2019-07-01 — 2020-06-30)

Excellent Teachers

Appointed by the Faculty in 2019/2020

  • Anna Eckerdal
  • Erik Zackrisson
  • Francoise Raffalli Mathieu

All appointed Excellent Teachers at the Faculty