Educational Board of Science


  • To create overarching visions and strategies and implement the resolutions of the Board of the Disciplinary Domain/Faculty Board relating to the long-term development of education programmes and free-standing courses
  • To structure and bring about rejuvenative changes in programmes in response to ongoing internationalisation, research, and the needs of industry and society
  • To take strategic initiatives on matters concerning national and international educational collaboration
  • To take strategic initiatives on matters concerning rejuvenative changes in teaching methods and examinations, throughput of students and study results, and recruitment and marketing
  • To monitor various aspects of quality in the education and the individual programmes, pass resolutions concerning measures and procedures to improve quality, and report to the Disciplinary Domain Board/Faculty Board
  • To formulate and revise goals for the respective programmes and follow up said goals
  • To follow and support the work of the individuals responsible for the programmes and the programme boards and where required pass resolutions concerning their assignments
  • To annually establish programme syllabuses and new course syllabuses for all the programmes and free-standing courses within the respective educational boards
  • to appoint examiners upon the recommendation of the Department responsible for the course concerned
  • To collaborate with other educational boards

Common duties within the educational organisation


The chairperson of the Educational Board – N – is appointed by the Elections Commission. Teacher representatives and representatives of industry are appointed to the Board by the Disciplinary Domain Board/Faculty Board upon the recommendation of N in consultation with the Deputy Dean of Education. Student representatives are appointed by the student union concerned. The Board appoints a deputy chairperson from among its members.


Susanne Mirbt, ordf. utsedd av elektorsförsamlingen (inst. för fysik)
Ulrike Heiter (inst. för fysik och astronomi)
Georgios Dimitroglou Ritzell (matematiska inst.)
Thomas Kalscheuer (inst. för geovetenskaper)
Sebastian Sobek (inst. för ekologi och genetik)
Lars-Henrik Eriksson (inst. för informationsteknologi)
Doreen Dobritzsch (inst.för kemi - BMC)
Brita Svensson (TUR-representant)
Olle Bergh (yrkeslivsrepresentant, Uppsalal kommun, utbildningsförvaltningen)
Vakant (yrkeslivsrepresentant)
Emma Danielsson (studentrepresentant)
Mattias Kynde Hämberg (studentrepresentant)
Max Löfgren (studentrepresentant)
Casper Fredriksson de Rond (studentrepresentant)
Gabriel Tidestav (studentrepresentant)

Ola Eriksson (inst. för geovetenskaper)
Rolf Larsson (matematiska institutionen)
Ingrid Ahnesjö (inst. för ekologi och genetik)
Monica Baczynska (studentrepresentant)
Jenny Eriksson (studentrepresentant)
Egil Schulz (studentrepresentant)

(Ledamöter  utsedda för 2019-01-01—2021-12-31, ordförande utsedd för 2017-07-01—2020-06-30, studenter utsedda för lå 2019—2020)

Programme Boards

Each programme has a programme board headed by the individual responsible for the programme.

The principal task of the programme board is to strengthen the quality of the programme and to advance its development, and also to function as an advisory body for the individuals responsible for the programmes with regard to their duties.

Operational leadership and duties of the Programme Boards

Programme Boards (Swedish)