Equal Opportunities Committee


  • to bear overarching responsibility within the disciplinary domain for monitoring and evaluating efforts in support of equal opportunities;
  • to serve as the Disciplinary Domain Board’s consultation body;
  • to plan and execute equal opportunities projects;
  • to act as the steering group for the faculty’s mentoring programme, whose coordinators should report annually to the Committee on the progress of the programme;
  • to draft and follow up on domain-specific measures concerning equal opportunities.


The Deputy Vice-Rector is the chair. The Advisory Committees for Education, Research and Collaboration each propose two members of a different gender, after which the Working Committee decides on a member from each Advisory Committee. The first deputy chair of the Recruitment Committee is a member. A further two faculty members are appointed by the Disciplinary Domain Board on the recommendation of the Deputy Vice-Rector. Two student representatives (of which one is preferably a doctoral student) form part of the Equal Opportunities Committee. The faculty’s equal opportunities coordinator for students is co-opted to the Committee, with the right to attend and speak at meetings. Union organisations may each appoint a representative with the right to attend and speak at meetings.The Equal Opportunities Committee appoints a deputy chair from among its members.


Staffan Svärd, chair
Jörgen Olsson (Advisory Committee for Education)
Ulf Jansson (Advisory Committee for Research)
Joëlle Rüegg (Advisory Committee for Collaboration)
Ingemar Kaj (Recruitment Committee)
Karin Stensjö (teacher representative)
Jonas Fransson (teacher representative)
Astrid Magnusson (student representative)
Petra Muir (doctoral student representative)
Clara Gauffin (union representative)

(Utsedda för 2021-01-01 - 2023-12-31, student och doktorand utsedda för lå 2022-2023)

Last modified: 2023-07-03