Operational leadership - Programme Boards

Each educational programme is to have a programme board led by a programme director. The principal tasks of the programme board are to strengthen the quality of the programme and to advance its development, as well as to function as an advisory body for the programme directors with regard to their duties.

Proposals for programme syllabi, study plans and new course syllabi for the programme should be considered by the programme board. The minutes are to state whether the programme board approves the proposals or not. The programme board takes decisions on the revision of course syllabi for programme-specific courses and approves the revision of programme-wide courses.

Common to all of the programme boards:

  • the programme director is the chair of the programme board;
  • no faculty member may also simultaneously serve as director of studies, subject coordinator or programme director for another programme;
  • the programme boards can decide to co-opt additional members;
  • the programme boards have minuted meetings two-three times per semester;
  • the agenda is drafted by the programme director in consultation with the relevant senior faculty administrator;
  • relevant senior faculty administrators and study counsellors participate in the meetings;
  • where necessary, subject coordinators and schedulers are also summoned to meetings.

The faculty members should provide a broad representation of departments and subject areas on the programme board for each programme’s subject content. Faculty and industry representatives are appointed by the Disciplinary Domain Board on the recommendation of N and T, following consultation with the programme director, the Deputy Dean of Education and relevant subject coordinator(s).

Any assistant programme director appointed participates with the right to attend and speak.

The term of office for faculty members and industry representatives is three years as of 1 January 2022. By-elections of members are delegated to the Working Committee.

Last modified: 2021-01-28