Scholarships Committee


  • To consider applications for scholarships and to make resolutions about/propose the award of scholarships according to the relevant statutes


One teacher from each Section as well as one doctoral student and one student representative. The Scholarships Committee appoints a chairperson from among its members. The teachers are appointed by the Disciplinary Domain Board/Faculty Board on the recommendations of the Deans. The doctoral student representative and student representative are appointed by the student unions concerned.


Jonas Fransson, institutionen för fysik och astronomi, ordförande
Marit Andersson (Kemi)
Roland Mathieu (Teknik)
Daniel Primetzhofer (Fysik)
Anna Sakovich (Matematik-datavetenskap)
Christian Zdanowicz (Geovetenskap)
Brita Svensson (Biologi)
Georgii Shamuilov (doktorandrepresentant)
Simon Sterner (studentrepresentant)

Mandatperiod 2017-09-16–2020-09-15. Student och doktorand utsedda för lå 2019-2020.