Advisory Committee for Education


  • preparation of matters relating to education in advance of decisions by the Disciplinary Domain Board;
  • preparation of operational planning for education, funding allocation and dimensioning in advance of decisions by the Disciplinary Domain Board;
  • to follow up on and develop overarching principles for the disciplinary domain’s activities relating to quality, evaluation and its range of programmes, teacher recruitment, teaching and learning development and links to research and professional life within programmes;
  • to follow up on and develop overarching principles for the internationalisation of education and national and international collaborations;
  • to follow up on and submit proposals relating to premises and equipment, student and teacher services, student recruitment and marketing;
  • to appoint a member to the Advisory Committee for Collaboration;
  • collaboration on overarching matters with the Advisory Committee for Research and the Advisory Committee for Collaboration.


The Deputy Dean of Education serves as chair of the Advisory Committee for Edu­cation. The respective chairs of FUN, NUN and TUN as well as the subject coordinators – who are appointed by the section deans – are members of the Committee. Three student representatives (of which one is preferably a doctoral student) with one group alternate form part of the Advisory Committee for Education. One representative from the faculty’s Council for Educational Development (TUR) has the right to attend and speak at meetings. The Advisory Committee for Education appoints one of its members as deputy chair. The Advisory Committee for Education nominates two members of a different gender to the Equal Opportunities Committee. The Working Committee subsequently decides which of these is to become a member of the Equal Opportunities Committee, as well as the Advisory Committee for Education’s member with special responsibility for ensuring equal opportunities are considered in the work of the Committee. 


Cecilia Johansson, chair
Susanne Mirbt (chair NUN)
Greger Thornell (chair TUN)
Jörgen Olsson (chair FUN)
Jörgen Östensson (mathematics)
Tobias Wrigstad (computer science)
Lisa Freyhult (physics)
Annica Nilsson (technology)
Felix Ho (chemistry)
Mikael Thollesson (biology)
Sebastian Willman (earth sciences)
Maja Elmgren (TUR representative)
Karla Münzner (doctoral student representative)
Frida Kasselstrand (student representative)
Gabriel Granberg (student representative)
Karl-Fredrik Boholm Kylesten (group deputy students)

(Members appointed for the period 2021-01-01—2023-12-31,
student represenatives appointed for the academic year  2021-2022)

Last modified: 2021-08-31