Docentship Committee


  • To draft proposals for criteria and guidelines for appointment of docents within the Faculty of Science and Technology. The guidelines shall be established by the Disciplinary Domain Board/Faculty Board.
  • To establish the procedures of the Committee for dealing with matters relating to appointment of docents.
  • To pass resolutions concerning the appointment of docents.


One chairperson, one professor from each section, one doctoral student representative and one student representative. The chairperson and the section representatives are appointed by the Disciplinary Domain Board/Faculty Board upon the recommendations of the Deans. The doctoral student representative and student representative are appointed by the student unions concerned.


Kristofer Gamstedt, chair
Adolf Gogoll (Chemistry) 
Tomas Edvinsson (Technology)
Carolina Wählby (Mathematics and Computer Science)
Stephan Pomp (Physics)
Monika Schmitz (Biology)
Hemin Koyi (Earth Sciences)
Elin Dahlborg (doctoral student representative)
Vacant (deputy doctoral student representative)
Johnny Ljung (student representative)
Simon Bjelkendal Sterner (deputy student representative)

Appointed for 2017-09-19–2020-09-15. Student representatives appointed for the academic year 2019/2020.