Recruitment Committee


To manage:

  • matters concerning professorial appointments and teaching appointments for which a doctoral degree is required;
  • applications for promotion from assistant professor to associate professor, promotion from lecturer to associate professor and promotion to professor;
  • applications to be appointed as associate professor instead of lecturer and to be appointed as professor instead of associate professor.


A presidium consisting of a chair, a first deputy chair (with special responsibility for ensuring equal treatment is upheld in matters being considered) and a second deputy chair (with special responsibility for the assessment of teaching expertise). The presidium is appointed by the Working Committee on the recommendation of the Electoral Assembly. Two student representatives (of which one is preferably a doctoral student), each with an alternate, form part of the Recruitment Committee. The Working Committee may appoint one or more group alternates with the right to attend and speak at meetings to the presidium. There must be at least one man and one woman among the members of the presidium. The second deputy chair should be a distinguished university teacher, a specialist in subject teaching or an educationally skilful teacher. The first deputy chair is a member of the Equal Opportunities Committee.

Two subject representatives (of which one is a rapporteur) are appointed as members by the Working Committee for each individual matter on the recommendation of the relevant section dean. Among the subject representatives there must be at least one woman and at least one man, unless there are special grounds. Such reasons must be provided in writing by the section dean to the Disciplinary Domain Board's Working Committee to serve as a basis for decision.


Anders Arweström Jansson, chair
Ingemar Kaj, deputy chair with special responsibility for equal treatment issues
Marika Edoff, second deputy chair with special responsibility for appraising teaching expertise
Neele Schmidt (doctoral student representative)
Vacant (doctoral student representative, deputy)
Max Johansson Saarijärvin (student representative)
Vacant (student representative, deputy)

The chairperson is appointed for the period 2020-07-01-2023-12-31, the first and second deputy chairperson and the group deputy is appointed for the period 2023-01-01 - 2025-12-31, and students and doctoral students are appointed for the academic year 2022-2023.

Last modified: 2023-02-01