FAQ - Graduation Ceremony

How do I apply for a degree?
Read more here on how you apply for your degree.

I have applied for my degree but it has not been approved and soon the last day for registration has passed - what should I do?
You can register your interest in a special registration form. If your degree has been approved one week before the ceremony, you can participate in the ceremony. Please note that the last day to register your interest is September 15. 

I have registerd my interest to the graduation ceremony and now I have received my degree from Ladok - do I have to register to the ceremony again?
No you don't. We check regulary in Ladok for everyone who has registered an interest and when we see that someones degree have been issued in Ladok, they will automatically be registered.

I missed the last day to register and wonder if I can make a late registration for the ceremony?
This is a difficult question to answer and depends on how many graduates are registered and how close to the day of ceremony your request comes. Send an email to event-teknat@uu.se and we will handle your request based on what the situation looks like.

Will the ceremony be in English or Swedish?
The ceremony will be held mostly in Swedish.

What is the dress-code?
In Swedish the dress-code is "Kavaj" which means dressed-up. Men usually wears a suit and women a dress. But wear something that makes you feel dressed-up.

When will we receive information about which ceremony we will attend?
At the end of September.

I am assigned to the ceremony that starts in the morning, but would rather attend the ceremony that starts in the afternoon - is that possible?
Unfortunatly, it is not possible to change at what ceremony you will take part in since all graduates from a program go to the same ceremony.

How many guests can I take with me to the ceremony?
A maximum of four guests.

I want to change the number of relatives that I will take with me to the ceremony - how do I do that?
Send an email to event-teknat@uu.se and we will change the number in your application.

How long does the ceremony last?
The ceremony takes between 1,5-2 hours. It all depends on how many graduates that have signed up.

Can I register to the Graduation Gasque at the same time as I register to the Graduation Ceremony?
No, UTN is responsible for the Graduation Gasque so there are two separate registration forms. You find more information about the Graduation Gasque here.

I can not attend the Graduation Ceremony but wish to receive the ceremony diploma anyway - can you send it to me?
Since the Graduation Ceremony diploma only has a ceremonial significance, only those who attend the ceremony receives it. The real diploma is handed out to you by the Graduation office.

Is there a Graduation Cap for engineer, bachelor or masters students who graduate?
No, no Graduation Caps can be ordered for the programs from Uppsala University.

Why is the ceremony held in the autumn? Would it not be better to have it in the spring when most students finish their studies?
As the criterion for attending the ceremony is that you have received your degree, we have decided to have the ceremony in the autumn since some graduates do not get their degree granted before the summer due to various reasons. Therefore it feels more fair to have the ceremony in the autumn rather than in the spring.

Do I need to bring my diploma to the ceremony?
No, you don't. We check everyone who has registered that they have received their degree in Ladok.

I want to join the Uppsala University alumi network - how do I do that?
Read more here on how to register to the Uppsala University alumni network and what we offers you as an alumi from the Faculty of Science and Technology.

I still have questions - what do I do then?
Send an email with your question to event-teknat@uu.se

Last modified: 2022-08-12