Get involved in alumni activities

We are always interested in hearing about your experience. Welcome to take part in some of our activities or contact us if your are interested in helping us develop our educational program. Contact us for more information.

Become a member in an alumni chapter

By becoming a member in an alumni chapter or association you stay in touch with your University and your fellow students from your time in Uppsala. You will receive information about developments in your subject area and are given the opportunity to take part in the chapter’s or association’s events. You can join as many chapters as you want, simply log in to the network and add your membership(s). 

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Develop your skills

Do you need to develop your skills or just want to improve your skills in science and technology? Then take the cance to take part in some of our courses, lecture-series or course elements that are made available in areas that are sought after in the labor market.


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Be a mentor

Some educational programs organize mentorship programs for their students. As a member of the alumni network, you can indicate via the alumni portal whether you would like to be contacted with offers to be a mentor, participate in career talks or be a guest lecturer. By answering yes, you can receive information about ongoing mentoring programs that are relevant to you.

Offer project work

Offer students diploma work or project work through our portal, Career Gate, and present your company to students and recently graduated alumni.


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Take part in a seminar

We arrange different seminars and panel discussions for our students where alumni share their experience. If you are interested in participating, please contact us at

Alumni portraits

Alumni portraits is a good way to show students potential career paths after graduation. We produce small films and portraits linked to the different educational programs. Your stories are of great importance to our students. If you are interested to be interviewed for an alumni portrait, please contact us at

Study visits at campus

Companies and organisations are always welcome to visit one of our campus areas to look at our research facilities and take part in the latest research at the faculty. Contact Karin Thellenberg from the Office for Science and Technology, if you are interested in coming on a study visit.


UU Innovation

UU Innovation support students, researchers and employees at Uppsala University who want to develop an idea or create impact from research results. UU Innovation's can support you with most aspects of commercialisation.

Read more about UU Innovation on their webpage


AIMday stands for Academic Industry Meeting day. AIMday brings together external organisations and academics in face-to-face discussions around questions of common interest. What makes AIMday truly special is the format of that meeting. Specific questions raised by external organisations form the meeting day agenda. The university then matches these requests with the academic expertise at their disposal.

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Last modified: 2022-08-25