UppTalk Weekly: Uncovering missing links: discovery of the oldest sea reptiles from the Age of Dinosaurs

  • Date: –12:30
  • Location: Zoom, you'll find the link below
  • Lecturer: Benjamin Kear, Researcher and Curator at Museum of Evolution, Palaeontology and mineralogy
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  • Organiser: The Faculty of Science and Technology
  • Contact person: Karin Thellenberg
  • Seminarium

The Museum of Evolution in Uppsala has ancient remains of the oldest sea reptiles in their fossil collection. Such rare finds have challenged long-held theories of the Mesozoic Era as the origin time of major reptile lineages. Meet Dr. Benjamin Kear in a talk about the search for evolutionary missing links and the central role of museums in sustainable development of natural and cultural heritage.

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Porträtt av Benjamin Kear