Celsius–Linnaeus Lectures 2020

Was held Thursday february 6th, The Siegbahn hall, Ångström Laboratory

Celsius–Linnaeus Lectures and Symposium

On Thursday February 6 the traditional lectures in memory of Anders Celsius and Carl Linnaeus was held.


The origin of contact-electrification - how can the 2600 years old physics phenomenon contribute to the world energy in the future 

Professor Zhong Lin Wang, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia USA, Beijing Institute of Nanoenergy and Nanosystems, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China. 


The Art of Border Crossings: Integrative Multidisciplinarity in the Natural Sciences and the All Atom Model of a Native HIV Capsid 

Dr. Angela M. Gronenborn, Department of Structural Biology and Pittsburgh Center for HIV- Protein Interaction, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Pittsburgh 


CELSIUS-LINNÉ SYMPOSIUM: Energy and structural biology

Richard Neutze Time-resolved diffraction experiments at X-ray free electron lasers reveal ultrafast structural changes in photosynthetic reaction centres

Ylva Ivarsson – Mapping the missing connections

Maria Tenje Microengineering for life science application

Yogendra Kumar Mishra – Complex shaped metal oxide nanostructures-based hybrid materials for advanced energy technologies

The symposium will end with a panel discussion who will give the audience opportunity to ask questions to any of the day’s lectures. 

All interested are welcome to the lectures and the symposium – no registration needed. The lectures and symposium are held in English.

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Symposium programme

The Celsius–Linnaeus Lectures have been held every year since 1991. See previous lectures

For further information, please contact: Professor Hemin Koyi, chairman of the Celsius–Linnaeus committee, and Professor at the Department of Earth Science, Uppsala University 

Office phone: +46-18-471 2563
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