Inauguration of new Ångström

13 May 2022

New Ångström Laboratory

On May 13, the new Ångström Laboratory was inaugurated by HRH The Crown Princess Victoria. New Ångström Laboratory is the largest construction project in the history of Uppsala University and is above all an investment in the educational environment of the future.

The Ångström Laboratory was inaugurated in 1997 to gather physics, chemistry, and technology under the same roof. Over the years, the activities have expanded and combined with a desire to bring the university's successful IT research closer to the other departments. This led to the building of new Ångströml Laboratory. Our vision is that this will stimulate new, interdisciplinary meetings within the university, attract internationally leading researchers, and create cross-sectoral collaborations with the business sector and society.

Multidisciplinary Theme Week in Science and Technology

I connection with the inauguration of new Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala University invites you to a multidisciplinary theme week between 16-20 May on topics in science and technology at Ångström Laboratory. This week aims to present current research within AI/Data-driven life science, the Universe and Mathematical Physics, Material, Energy and Climate change.

Read more about the theme week here.

Have a look inside the new building

Last modified: 2022-05-18