Tips on courses and short programmes

The last application date for the autumn and some of the summer courses has passed but there may be spots left. We are now open for late registration at our summer courses where the last application date has already passed and have also announced  new summer courses which will open for application on 8 May. For the autumn courses, late application will open on 15 July. Please note that even if courses and programs are open for late application, this is no guarantee you will be admitted. This is only possible if there are still available spots . The last application date for courses in spring 2021 is 15 October.

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Examples of summer courses open for late application:

Summer courses available for application starting 8 May:

Batteries - Technology, applications and innovation

Uppsala university is part of the European network EIT InnoEnergy that gives a twoday course in battery technology, "International Battery Technician", and a short programme called Battery Applications and Innovation Programme.

Try out nuclear engineering this summer – continue if you wish this autumn

Are you interested in energy issues? Take our try-out-course in nuclear engineering this summer. If you think it is interesting and you meet the requirements, then continue with one year of supplementary education to Bachelor in nuclear engineering. The nuclear power industry has a long-term need of competent engineers to secure the Swedish electric energy supply and Uppsala University provides education in close collaboration with the industry.

One-year Master's Programme in Wind Power Project Management

The energy industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. In Sweden, wind power is the third largest source of electricity generation after water and nuclear power and is projected to double within a four-year period and fivefold by 2040. If you have a background in natural sciences, social sciences or technology, you can now apply to our one-year Master's Programme in Wind Power Project Management (the possibility of late registration will open 15 July). The program prepares you for a career in the global wind power industry. There is a great demand for skills as wind power is expanding and developing rapidly within technology, finance and planning areas.