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course chancelleries and student service

If you have questions concerning your courses, for example about admission, eligibility, registration and reporting of results, you should contact the departments' course chancelleries.

Student information per department

If you have general study-related questions, you can contact the reception at Ångström. There you can also get help with register extracts, certificates, booking of group rooms and referrals.

Reception and Student Service Ångström

Responsible for our programmes  

Master Degree Programmes  - 2 year studies

Master Degree Programmes  - 1 year studies

Master Degree Programmes in Engineering - 5 year studies
(only given in Swedish)

Bachelor Degree Programmes in Engineering - 3 year studies
(only given in Swedish)

Bachelor Degree Programmes in Science - 3 year studies
(only given in Swedish)

Higher Education Diploma Programme - 2 year studies
(only given in Swedish)

  • Leadership - Quality Technology – Improvement  - Mia Ljungblom

Technical/Natural scientific collage year
(only given in Swedish)

Subject coordinators


For matters regarding the timetables for programmes within earth science, chemistry, mathematics and sustainable development contact: 

For matters regarding the timetables for other programmes, contact the course office in question

Education manager

Emma Kristensen (master degree programmes in engineering and master degree programmes with a focus in engineering)
Susanne Paul (bachelor and master degree programmes in science and doctoral programmes)
Sofia Stenler (utbildning på grund- och avancerad nivå)
Lena Strålsjö (livslångt lärande, näringslivssamverkan i utbildningen)
Magnus Strandås (questions regarding internationalization)
Karin Berggren Bremdal (utbildning på forskarnivå)
Sara Lind (international collaborations regarding education and postgraduate education)

Dean of education

We have a Dean of education that is part of the Faculty Management

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