How does one become a doctoral student?

Entry requirements

The requirements for admission to doctoral courses and study programmes are that the applicant:

  • meets the general entry requirements for doctoral studies, meaning that she or he has been awarded a second-cycle qualification (Master´s degree), completed courses for a minimum of 240 credits, at least 60 credits of which are at second cycle (Master´s level), or has obtained largely equivalent knowledge in some other way;
  • meets the specific entry requirements stated in the general syllabus for the doctoral programme in question; and
  • is considered in other respects to have the ability required to benefit from the course or study programme.

Announcement of vacant positions 

Vacant positions for doctoral studies shall be announced by the department responsible for the subject or specialisation. All vacant doctoral positions shall be announced locally and on the University’s website through an open advertisement no later than three weeks before the deadline for applications and should be given appropriate national and international coverage. The Faculty does not have common announcement and admission dates: positions are advertised as and when they arise. Exceptions to the requirement for open advertising occur in accordance with the Swedish Higher Education Ordinance.

Application for admission 

Once a candidate has been deemed to meet the general and specific entry requirements and has been offered a place on a doctoral programme, they must apply to be admitted to the University. There is a specific application form for this purpose, Application for Admission to Doctoral (Postgraduate) Studies, which should be submitted directly to the department responsible for the programme in question. The head of department is responsible for filling in the cover sheet for the application.


Doctoral students are normally admitted by the head of the department responsible for the subject/specialisation. Doctoral students funded other than by a full-time employment as a doctoral student (a doctoral studentship) at Uppsala University – such as part-time or externally employed doctoral students, those on scholarships or employed by another higher education institution and licentiate degree students – are admitted by the Working Committee of the Faculty Board on the recommendation of the Board of Doctoral Education. In conjunction with admission, an individual study plan is established.

 It is not permitted to begin doctoral studies before the doctoral student has been formally admitted; the Faculty does not permit shadow doctoral students.

Last modified: 2022-08-03