Course requirements

For a Degree of Doctor, the course component of a doctoral programme shall cover between 40 and 120 credits. For a Degree of Licentiate, the course component of a doctoral programme shall cover between 20 and 60 credits. The exact number of course credits required is stated in the general syllabus and the courses that the doctoral student is to complete are stated in the individual study plan.

Compulsory course:
A course on research ethics covering a minimum of 2 credits, and with content equivalent to the courses provided by the Faculty, is compulsory for both a Degree of Doctor and Degree of Licentiate.

Doctoral students who teach should take a course on academic teaching, either as a credit-bearing course in the individual study plan or within the framework of their departmental duties.
An introductory course to doctoral studies and a course on scientific writing are also recommended. 

Course evaluations

Course evaluations fulfil two main functions: 

  • The doctoral student has the opportunity to reflect on their learning and education in a structured manner.
  • It provides a basis for enhancing the quality of courses. 

University-wide guidelines are available for course evaluations at Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral level. The Quality and Evaluation Unit has prepared a support document containing tips and advice for doctoral course evaluations. The Faculty of Science and Technology has prepared standardised course evaluation questions for faculty-wide courses and code to facilitate the creation of course evaluations in Kurt (a tool for generating online questionnaires). The standardised course evaluation questions and Kurt code can also be used for evaluations of other doctoral courses offered by departments.

Last modified: 2022-07-01