Scientific Writing, 2 credits

Vetenskapligt skrivande


Language of instruction: English
Course period: May and November 2022
Campus teaching or online teaching: The course will be given in traditional form or as a distance course depending on the health situation and recommendations.


Anyone who has started PhD studies within the Faculty of Science and Technology of Uppsala University is expected to have the prerequisites required for the course.


The aim is to

make the participants aware of the importance of scientific writing and publishing and give them interest, motivation and ability to publish well-written scientific papers in first-class scientific journals.


The aim and contents of the course are consistent with the outcome for doctoral degree ”to show ability, in national as well as international contexts, to present and discuss research and research results orally and in writing with authority and in dialogue with the scientific community and the community in general" in “Högskoleförordningen, bilaga 1. Examensordning (1993:100)”.


Aspects of scientific writing and publication that are essential for participants’ PhD studies and future work are covered. Lectures: Introduction to scientific writing. Science and writing. Scientific publications. Scientific journals. Primary versus secondary. Subscription versus open access. Printed versus electronic. Impact factor. What results to publish? Why publish in a journal? Predatory journals. The h index. Structure and contents of a scientific paper. The IMRAD format. Title. Abstract. Introduction. Methods and materials. Results. Discussion. Acknowledgements. References and citations. Appendices. Figures. Highlights. Supplementary material. Language and style. Simple, straight and clear. Personal and impersonal. Present and past tense. Dangling participle. Abbreviations. Acronyms. Readability. Equations. The publication process. Co-authors, reviewers and editors. Preparing, submitting and revising a manuscript. Consistency. Conflict of interest. Responding to reviews. Correcting proofs. Ethics in publishing. Plagiarism. Duplicate submissions and publications. Group work: Critical reviews of scientific journal papers from the perspective of the course. Presentations and discussions of group work.


Day 1: Lectures: Introduction to scientific writing. Structure and contents of a scientific paper.
Day 2: Lectures: Language and style of a scientific paper. The publication process. Ethics in science and publishing. Start of group work: review of scientific papers.
Day 3: Lectures: Diva, open access and related matters.
Days 4-8: Group work
Day 9: Presentations and discussions of group work

A booklet based on PP presentations will be given to the participants.

Teachers: Bengt Lundberg, Professor em, Division of Applied Mechanics, and a librarian from Uppsala University Library (in recent courses Christer Lagvik).


Examination will be based on full and active participation in every part of the course: lectures, group work, and presentations and discussions of group work.


Professor Kristofer Gamstedt,


Department of Materials Science and Engineering


Professor em Bengt Lundberg. E-mail:


Submit the application for admission to:
Submit the application not later than: 30 April and 31 October, respectively, 2022

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