Employments as doctoral students (doctoral studentships) are financed from internal funds and by external grants from, for example, research councils, foundations and various bodies in the private and public sectors.

The regulations governing externally employed doctoral students are the same as those for doctoral students funded by the University.

Funding support and resources for doctoral students

All doctoral students shall have adequate funding to cover their entire study period. When admitting a doctoral student, the department therefore undertakes to fund four years of full-time doctoral studies.

Furthermore, pursuant to Chapter 7 of the Higher Education Ordinance and the Admission Rules and Guidelines for Uppsala University, the number of doctoral students admitted to doctoral courses and study programmes may not exceed the number that can be offered supervision and otherwise acceptable conditions for study (e.g., adequate operating funds for research projects) and whose studies are funded in one of the following ways:

  • Employment as doctoral student throughout their studies. Admitted doctoral students should primarily be funded in the form of an  employment as a doctoral student.
  • Some other form of funding that can be guaranteed for the entire period of study and that is sufficient for the applicant to devote enough time to their studies to complete them within eight years. The department is responsible for ensuring that a doctoral student working in Sweden has a stipend equivalent to the pay level for doctoral students according to the doctoral student salary ladder throughout their studies.
    Learn more about supplementary funding for doctoral scholarships under “Rules and regulations” in the sidebar menu. The Faculty urges restraint with scholarships and admission decisions are therefore made by the Working Committee of the Faculty Board.

A funding plan covering the entire period of study shall be prepared and included in the individual study plan.

Supervision and other resources may only be withdrawn if a doctoral student substantially neglects his or her undertakings in the individual study plan.

Part-time study

Pursuant to the Higher Education Ordinance, at their own request a doctoral student may be admitted to study at a different rate, although not less than 50% of full-time study. A decision to admit a doctoral student to part-time studies rests with the Working Committee of the Faculty Board. The actual period of study (net study time) may not exceed four years.

For externally employed doctoral students or doctoral students employed by another higher education institution, their employer shall submit a letter of intent to fund their doctoral studies before they are admitted, see under “Forms”.

Extension of study time 

If special grounds exist, the period of an employment as a doctoral student may be extended beyond the maximum four years (i.e. 48 months net study time). Such grounds may comprise leave of absence because of illness, leave of absence for service in the defence forces or an elected position in a trade union or student organisation, or parental leave.

The basis for extending employment due to parental leave shall be the total number of days of parental leave taken; however, the Faculty Board may, after a period of at least four consecutive months of full-time parental leave, grant up to an additional three months of net study time (per child) to compensate for the time it takes to commence research activities.

Applications for extensions due to elected office in a trade union or student organisation, or parental leave over and above the total number of days of parental leave, shall be submitted to the Faculty Board.

Last modified: 2022-08-22