Funding for postgraduate education is provided within the state budget and also from external financiers such as the research council, foundations, various sectors within government and industry. More information about research funding at Uppsala University.

Regulations for postgraduate students whose maintenance is externally financed are the same as for those who are financed by the university’s own funds. Besides maintenance, funding must cover supervision, material, instruments, travel, room hire, and administration.

Funding for research students

According to the Higher Education Ordinance Chapter 7, and Uppsala University’s Admissions ordinance and regulations regarding studies at the graduate level only as many postgraduate students as can be offered supervision and have study funding according to any of the options below, and who have acceptable study conditions such as sufficient funding for the research project costs, can be admitted. 

  • PhD studentship during the whole period of postgraduate studies. Amitted doctoral students should primarily be financed by PhD studentships. 
  • Other funding which has been guaranteed for the whole duration of the study whereby the applicant is able to devote sufficient time to his research, so that it can be completed within 8 years. The faculty urges applicants to be restrictive with this type of financing and the faculty admit postgraduate applicants with other funding. The faculty has decided on the following interpretation of the University guidelines for supplementary funding by scholarships, see rules and regulations. 

An individual study plan covering the whole postgraduate period must be worked out at the time of admission, between the doctoral student, supervisor and the professor responsible for postgraduate studies. Financial planning is a part of the individual study plan. 

When admitting postgraduate students, the department guarantees the financing of four years’ studies at postgraduate level with regard both to the student’s maintenance and to reasonable costs involved. 
In the case of postgraduate studies that will lead to a licentiate degree a corresponding undertaking applies, though for only two years’ full-time studies. Admissions to licentiate studies are determined by the faculty board. 

As long as the postgraduate student fulfils his/her undertakings in the individual study plan, their funding cannot be withdrawn. 

Postgraduate studies must not begin before formal admittance. So-called ‘shadow PhD students’ are not permitted.

Part-time studies

The Higher Education Ordinance allows for the admittance of doctoral students with a different pace of study than normal if they request this themselves, but no less than 50% of full-time. Admissions to part-time studies are determined by the faculty board. 

Part-time doctoral students can on application transfer to a higher pace of studies. The total study time may not exceed 4 years. 

In cases where doctoral students hold employment outside of the University and their employer wishes to finance a course at postgraduate level, a written declaration must be supplied by the financer, see forms.

Prolonged studentship

If special circumstances arise, the period of the postgraduate studies can be extended beyond the maximum four years (i.e. 48 months full-time postgraduate studies). Examples of such circumstances include trustee position, military service, and parental leave longer than 4 consecutive months. See guidelines for third-cycle education at Uppsala University. Applications for extensions, with the reason certified and a financial plan, should ideally be submitted to the faculty board, towards the end of the postgraduate period.