Doctoral grants

Doctoral grants are not applicable at Uppsala University since 2015-01-01.

A study grant ('utbildningsbidrag') can be financed either externally or by the faculty. The regulations are the same for both. According to the Higher Education Ordinance a student on a study grant must on request be appointed to a PhD studentship, at the latest, when the individual study plan shows two years remaining until the doctoral degree. However, at Uppsala university a study grant can be held by the same person for one year (12 months) at the most. For part-time studies, a study grant must be at least 50% of a full-time grant. The size of a study grant is decided by the Government, the level being usually revised on 1 April every year. 

A study grant is taxable, but does not give the same social or insurance benefits as employment. While qualifying for pension credits, it does not provide a basis for sick pay or unemployment benefits. A study grant is not employment pay, so there are no formally regulated working hours or holiday leave. Leave should instead be regulated in the individual study plan. Approx. 5 weeks per year is standard. 

The PhD student who has a study grant maintains this during an illness but must report sick to the Social Insurance Office. Those who had a sick-pay based income (SGI) prior to the study grant can retain it passively, and if the SGI is higher than the study grant, it is possible to return to that level in the case of illness. A postgraduate student with a study grant can be cut off from social insurance if they are outside the country for more than six months of one year. 

A holder of a study grant who for special reasons must be absent from studies for a longer period can keep the grant during that period, and the study period is extended by the same amount. A study grant can be combined with teaching or other departmental duties in the form of an assistantship at a max. of 40 % full-time work provided the total amount does not exceed 120%. When an assistantship and a study grant together exceed full-time this can be extremely demanding and affect the studies negatively, and should be avoided. 

Assistantships provide pension and unemployment credits and have the same social and insurance benefits as other employment. The salary scale for assistants is the same as for PhD studentships.