Other funding

Postgraduate students can be admitted with other forms of funding, but the department must always guarantee that they have maintenance for the whole study period. The applicants must be able to devote sufficient time to their studies so that they can be completed within eight years (equivalent to 4 years’ full-time studies).

Industry-based research student

An industry-based research student holds a position within the private or public sector but has been allowed to pursue studies part-time while retaining their job salary. The admission of industry-based postgraduate students is not delegated to the head of department. Coordination must be arranged with the legal section of the University before a proposal is accepted and a contract signed with the company. The faculty recommends that an agreement between the two parties is signed to clarify the commitments of the company. Templates for such an agreement can be found under Forms. 

Some industrial postgraduate students conduct the greater part of their studies at the workplace, while others spend most of their time at the department where they were admitted. It is normal for the postgraduate student to have one supervisor at the workplace and one at the department.
The opportunity for postgraduate students to combine experiences and resources from several sources is extremely valuable. However, it can be difficult to balance studies and work.

Employment at another higher education institution

A postgraduate student, who is admitted to postgraduate education at Uppsala University, can be employed at another higher education institute. In such cases, the faculty recommends that an agreement between the two parties is signed to clarify their different roles. Templates for such agreements can be found under Forms.


The faculty board has decided that scholarships should be used very restrictively and only when explicitly prescribed by a donor or external financier such as donation scholarships. Scholarships within postgraduate research can also occur in cases where a student from a foreign country has a scholarship with them from their home country or from a financier other than Uppsala University.
Scholarships are not salaries but tax-free stipends which in principle should cover the students’ maintenance costs during the period of their studies. A requirement for tax relief in the case of scholarships is that the scholarship is not paid out for a period longer than 2 years. Postgraduate students who are financed by scholarships must be admitted to postgraduate education. 

A student who only holds a scholarship should not be required to undertake any duties normally undertaken by a holder of a PhD studentship or study grant. If the holder of a scholarship carries out such duties the scholarship can later be considered income and be taxed.
A scholarship holder who has no other source of income lacks social security to a certain extent. The postgraduate student is not eligible for unemployment benefit, social benefits e.g. parental leave or sickness leave, and the scholarship does not qualify for pension credits. The department should see to it that the postgraduate who is financed by a scholarship has all the insurances that are needed. A scholarship is not a salary and therefore lacks regulated holiday leave. A reasonable holiday leave is approx. five weeks per year, and this should be regulated in the individual study plan in the same way as for postgraduate students on study grants. 

The department should ensure that a postgraduate student with scholarship receive the same net financial level as a postgraduate student with employment, according to the salary ladder for postgraduate students. If needed, the postgraduate student is to be paid supplementary funding so-called 'forskarstuderandetillägg', see Forms. Information on the faculty's regulations regarding supplementary funding for postgraduate students on scholarships

More information on scholarships can be found at medarbetarportalen. Governmental funds must not be used for scholarships for research at postgraduate level. For more information on insurances see medarbetarportalen

Last modified: 2021-02-02