PhD studentships and other funding

 A PhD studentship (doktorandtjänst) can be externally financed (funds applied for by the supervisor from e.g. the national research council, which the department administrates) or financed by the faculty (funds attached to a research programme). The regulations for a postgraduate student whose position is externally financed are the same as for those who are financed by the faculty. In those cases where the postgraduate students have their employment at another Swedish educational establishment, but receives supervision at Uppsala University the faculty recommends that an agreement between the two parties are signed. Templates for such agreements are available under Forms.

Decisions about employment are made by the departmental committees.

PhD studentships cannot be held for longer than the equivalent of full-time instruction at doctoral level for four years. Time financed by a study grant or otherwise is included in the four years. 

Postgraduate students must devote their time to postgraduate education, in the extent as agreed in the individual study plan, and only to a limited degree undertake other employment (teaching, other research than their own, administrative work). Overtime is not reimbursed. Those who hold a PhD studentship may not undertake other employment for more than 20% of full-time, before their doctoral degree is awarded. If postgraduate students spread their work between e.g. 80% postgraduate studies and 20% departmental duties (maximum level) the four studentship years will extend to five years. 

The total period of employment on a PhD studentship can be extended if special circumstances prevail. 

The minimum salary for PhD studentship is determined after local negotiations between the university and their union counterparts. These discussions take place in connection with the salary revision of all university employees. The salary is also dependant on the progression of the postgraduate studies. Upon completing 50% and 80% of the postgraduate studies, the salary is raised acoording a model with several steps. Find more information on the salary ladder at medarbetarportalen and the faculty's critera 50% and 80% for postgraduate students

Employment by PhD studentship gives the same social benefits and insurance cover as other employment at Uppsala University. More information on conditions for study and employment is available at medarbetarportalen