Organisation and areas of responsibility

Regulation on a national level

The Swedish Parliament and Government have the overall responsibility of the universities and higher education. The Higher Education Act contains overall regulations for universities and institutions of higher education, while the Higher Education Ordinance regulates education in concrete situations.  

Regulation by Uppsala University

The Higher Education Ordinance delegates some of the detailed regulations to the universities, hence the set of  regulations and guidelines at Uppsala University. See also guidelines for third-cycle education.

Regulation by the Faculty for Science and Technology

The faculty board is responsible for postgraduate studies, but many aspects are delegated to or vetted by the postgraduate board.

The document rules of procedure explains the different responsibility roles for postgradudate education at faculty level. These functions can be defined as:

  • Professors 
  • Professors responsible for postgraduate studies
  • Programme coordinator 
  • Supervisors (principal and supplementary) 
  • Examiner 
  • Study Director of postgraduate studies

The heads of department hold the ultimate responsibility for all activities at the department, including postgraduate education. The different roles are described in the general study plan.

Each division within a department may have different routines for carrying out its postgraduate programme. Several have their own websites with instructions and information.