Postgraduate students

During the postgraduate education level, the time shall be divided between:
  • A research assignment which shall lead to a licentiate or doctoral degree
  • Courses at postgraduate level, providing introduction, depth and diversification
  • Possible departmental duties, e.g. assistant teaching to basic or advanced-level students

All PhD students must have adequate funding during the whole period of their studies, guaranteed by the department to which they are attached. More information about funding for postgraduate education

Planning and monitoring

Planning and monitoring of research studies is a joint engagement for the graduate student, the appointed supervisor and others involved in the department’s research training. The key factor in this process is the individual study plan, which should be revised annually, and regular discussions between the research student and the head of the department or whom has been delegated the task at the department.

If the research concept or its results are deemed commercially viable, some form of agreement should be established in writing between those involved. At an early stage before publication of the results, assistance should be sought from UU Innovation.

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Employment and study 

The main areas that concern the rights and duties of doctoral students with regard to paid and unpaid study are listed below. Students at postgraduate level find themselves in a borderland between studies and employment, more often with emphasis on the latter, depending on how they are funding their studies.

Parental leave of absence

Doctoral students are entitled to up to three months extension (per child) of their postgraduate appointment as compensation for the time taken to start up research after a longer period (full-time and minimum of 4 continuous months) of parental leave of absence. Extensions are allowed only until the public defence of the dissertation. 

Early termination or change of subject

Deregistration of postgraduate studies is done at the request of the doctoral student, see university guidelines for third-cycle education. When a postgraduate student terminates his/her studies or changes subject /specialisation, this must be notified in the student registry, Ladok. 

Last modified: 2021-07-05