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Here we have gathered all the information that you as a student within the Faculty of Science and Technology might need. Information about our courses and programmes you will find at our education page. We are happy to receive comments and suggestions for improvement! Information regarding your programme and your courses you will find in the Student Portal or in Studium.

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Study abroad

Student exchanges all over the world

Take the chance to travel the world and give your training an international touch and extra competitiveness. Broaden your experience by getting to know another culture in-depth while improving your language skills. Exploring new environments, getting to know new classmates and friends will broaden your perspectives. You grow as a person and are guaranteed a valuable and memorable experience that you will keep with you for the rest of your life.

Study abroad

Anticipating your career

Regardless of whether you already know exactly what you want to work with or have not given it much thought, it is a good idea to start finding out as early as possible what various opportunities the job market can offer. You can discover interesting employers and new, sometimes far from self-evident, work assignments and career paths for people with your education.

Our study counsellors also counsel you regarding your career. They are all responsible for various programmes/subjects and are therefore experts on your particular programme/subject of study.

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