Corona virus - how are students affected?


New decisions on prolonged distance education and examination

A new decision has been made by the Vice-Chancellor regarding continued remote teaching and examination throughout the semester until June 7, unless another decision is announced. Regarding the re-examination period in June (8/6-18/6), the Faculty board of Science and Technology has decided on continued distance examination.

It has also been decided by the Faculty board of Science and Technology that new admitted students on international bachelor and master's programs will be offered distance education during the first period this autumn semester.

Keep continuously up to date via this page.


Extended Period in August for Re-examination and Examination of Practical Elements

At present it is hard to say about how long distance education will continue. The latest Vice-chancellor decision extends to May 15, but the most probable is that distance education will continue the semester out. At the Faculty of Science and Technology there is going on a work to prepare for continued distance education parallel with preparations to go back to normal campus education this autumn, depending on what the situation then looks like. More information on distance education for the rest of the spring semester and what will apply further on is to be expected. Keep continuously up to date via this site.

The Faculty of Science and Technology has been informed by the unit for exam coordination at Uppsala University that the re-examination period this August will not be enough for all exams that will have to be made. As a measure to manage this information, the Faculty Board’s working committee made a decision (attached) to extend the re-examination period this August to include the whole of August (including Saturdays and Sundays). During this period, the opportunity will also be taken to examine practical elements that cannot be examined during period 4. This applies to laboratory exercises, excursions, field studies and course goals that cannot be examined in other ways.

Keep up to date about re-examinations and any practical elements that will be examined via course pages in the Student Portal.

New Vice-Chancellor’s decision that distance education will continue until May 15 unless other decision is announced. For admission to the university premises, from now on, access cards and codes will normally be acquired. Spreading out (social distancing) in the premises shall be aspired. 


Keep updated on changes regarding your courses

There will be a need to make changes in certain courses and study plans due to Corona. We ask all students for understanding that the current situation demands it. We do our utmost to minimise the consequences. Note that:

  • The schedule for courses may change on short notice, for example due to illness.
  • Observe that the schedule in TimeEdit is not correct. We don’t have time to edit. Information from the teachers is what applies.
  • Via the Student Portal and the student mail you get up-to-date information on the courses; if, how and when they are implemented.

Our sacrifices save lives

Vice-Chancellor Eva Åkesson, from the Vice-Chancellor’s blog:
”The burden of the disease will be borne by older people and people with underlying conditions, while the burden of the measures will be borne by those who are younger and healthier. Efforts to limit the spread of infection are primarily a matter of solidarity.”

To follow the Public Health Agency of Sweden’s calls saves lives. To not follow them may cause the opposite. We ask all our students to be responsible and have an understanding for the seriousness of the situation. Hopefully we manage to stop the spread and can soon go back to normal again.

Here you can find a corona related FAQ for all students at Uppsala university


The Vice-Chancellor has decided that all education and assessment shall switch to remote modes starting tomorrow Wednesday 18 March. This decision has the following consequences:


Written exams should be done from home instead of in the examination halls as of tomorrow, Wednesday 18 March. Exams scheduled for Wednesday 18 March, will be moved to Monday 23 March. The exams on 23 March will take place at the same hour as they would have been on 18 March. All other exams during this period of examination will take place at the same time as planned. 


Education in period 4 will start Tuesday 24 March online or by alternative forms of teaching.

Study Counselling

The study advisors are happy to meet you students even in Corona times! They only slightly change the form of the meeting. You may have counsels via Zoom or over the phone. You book as usual through and specify what you prefer in the booking text.
If the meeting is held via Zoom, you will be invited to the meeting in a mail. All students have access to Zoom via the university but it is not necessary to install the app. You may use your computer, your phone or your tablet.

Keep up to date!

Right now, an intensive work at the University is going on to reduce the spread of infection due to the corona virus. ​Information about changes can come suddenly. We ask all students to keep themselves informed, via their student e-mails, on the  student portal and at Uppsala Universitie´s  webbpage about the corona virus.

Most important is:
Stay at home if you have the slightest symptoms of cold, coughs or fever. Stay at home two days after you get rid of the symptoms.