Tail an Alumn

Take the opportunity to get an insight into working life!

“Tail an Alumn” is a small-scale mentoring program where current students meet with a former student, an Alumn, to exchange experience. Each alumn will receive a group of 4-5 students.

The alumni will apply first and specify where they work, which program they have studied and what they want to offer the students. We will select a number of alumni and publish their profiles here. When the students apply, they get to specify which alumnus they would prefer to tail and motivate their decision.

We will then match the students with the alumni to the best of our ability. We will arrange a preparatory meeting for the students where you will get suggestions of questions to ask and how to prepare to get the most out of your meetings. During the program, you will be able to get support from study counsellors.

The program will run for 10 weeks in January-April, 2021.

Student application

Application for students is open 9 November to 6 December. Application for alumni is closed.

The program is a collaboration between Uppsala University and Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students.

Questions? Contact Maja Garde Lindholm via e-mail alumni@teknat.uu.se

Participating alumni

Alberto Corti – Head of Partnerships and Development, Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship

  • Alumn from: M.Sc. Sustainable Development
  • Of interest for students who are interested in entrepreneurship
  • Offer: An overview on the entrepreneurial career choice. What is a portfolio-career, what it means to begin your own journey, the financing of entrepreneurship and the innovation landscape in Sweden? Can be of interest for people who want to know more in Venture capital and investing in early-stage companies or Sustainability and Venture Capital. Is a current investor and/or co-founder in active companies in several industries.
  • Language: English

Anders Hedström - nordisk säljchef, Illumina

  • Alumn from: Master's Programme in Molecular Biotechnology Engineering
  • Of interest for students who: studies engineering
  • Offer: Experiences from his journey education-degree-first job-change job-small company / large company-career, as well as some insights in technology, biotechnology and sales as well as leadership. Has worked in the biotechnology industry since 2000, both in a small Swedish biotechnology company (Gyros) and in larger American companies (Agilent & Illumina). Has worked with R&D, application support in customer labs in Sweden, Europe and the USA and in several different commercial roles in Europe and the USA. Would like to meet at Campus.
  • Language: Swedish/English

Andreas Lifvendahl – VD, Imint

  • Alumn from: Master's Programme in Engineering Physics
  • Of interest for students who: studies engineering
  • Offer: Experience of having patience / a little longer perspective, that path choices here-and-now are often not as dramatic as you might think, but that in the rearview mirror after a long time you can still see a common thread - and that it can be more important to try "feel" in which direction that thread is going and that it can take crooked paths, than to stress yourself too much over always optimizing each individual decision. New graduates, especially engineers, are an important recruitment group, so it is also interesting for him as an employer to understand how those who study now view studies, working life and life in general. Has been a software developer at a medical technology company in Uppsala, had several roles at the Uppsala company IAR Systems, and has been at the technology consulting group Etteplan. For the past five years, Imint has been on an exciting growth journey, with the software product they have developed - Vidhance - which is integrated into smartphones by many large smartphone manufacturers, to improve video recording.
  • Language: Swedish

Chibesa Pensulo - Water Specialist, Green Climate Fund

  • Alumn from: M.Sc. Sustainable Development
  • Of interest for students who: are interested in pursuing careers in water resources management, climate change adaptation and/or international development.
  • Offer: Insights in working as the Water Specialist at the Green Climate Fund, the world’s largest fund dedicated to fighting climate change that was set up by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in 2010. Works with reviewing project proposals for water projects in developing countries.
  • Language: English

Christopher Selander – Projektingenjör, IBA (Ion Beam Applications)

  • Alumn from: Bachelor's Programme in Electrical Engineering
  • Of interest for students who: are curious about working abroad, especially in electrical engineering and medical technology.
  • Offer: Experiences of what it is like to work abroad (USA, Belgium) and about product development in a very tightly regulated industry (medical technology). Started his career in Uppsala, and then moved to Miami to build a center for proton treatment at the company IBA (Ion Beam Applications), from the assembly of all equipment, via cabling, calibration, validation, all the way until they started treating patients. IBA is a Belgian company in the medical devices industry and the leading provider of proton therapy equipment for cancer patients. IBA is also active in radiopharmaceuticals and industrial applications (eg sterilization). Available for discussions and customization if there are special requests.
  • Language: Swedish/English

Darius Vagrys - Project Manager, Leads To Development

  • Alumn from: MSc in Chemistry/Biochemistry/Drug Discovery
  • Of interest for: PhD students interested in careers inside vs. outside academia and biochemistry students.
  • Offer: virtual meetings to share experience as a former student at UU for studies/career advice, perspective on the current job market and possibilities beyond academia. PhD degree in Chemistry/Structural Biology as an EU-funded Marie Curie Fellow at a small drug discovery company in Cambridge (UK) in collaboration with University of York (UK). Got to work in an industrial environment but also collaborate with multiple partners all around Europe (including big pharma (Novartis, CH) during PhD studies. Now work as Project Manager in Leads To Development, a small company in Paris, which provides operational and regulatory advice for small/mid biotech companies in preclinical drug development stages. The work consists of scientific support, R&D data review and analysis, operational planning, operational project management, interface between clients & service providers (CROs and CMOs), writing of expert reports, development plans and regulatory documents and interactions with Regulatory Authorities worldwide.
  • Language: English

David Höjenberg – Lösningsarkitekt / Managementkonsult, Swedavia AB och egenföretagare

  • Alumn from: Master's Programme in Molecular Biotechnology Engineering
  • Of interest for students who: study engineering, computer science, management and MILI.
  • Offer: an honest sounding board, guidance and input for personal development if you are facing a crossroads in your education or future working life. A recurring theme during previous mentorships have been students who have not always been sure whether they want to work with what their education path of choice generally leads to. Profound presence and engagement within the student nations and union which leads to an understanding regarding how you can leverage and make that experience count when applying for work. Prefers to meet a group of students on several occasions throughout the period. Currently employed as an IT Solutions Architect at Swedavia (Swedish airports) and their IT landscape. Solution architecture can be likened to advanced problem solving and project management. As a solution architect, you must have a broad understanding of how things work, and keep a holistic approach and how it is affected by the solutions you develop as an architect. David is also self-employed in business development and a consultant within IT Management.
  • Language: Swedish/English

Rike Mey - PhD student, Synthetic Biology, Ghent University

  • Alumn from: Masters in Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Of interest for: international students, biology students, students wanting to go abroad
  • Offer: represent the international student's perspective - how did the Swedish system work out for me and what can I expect as an international student? How does this compare to other countries in Europe (worked and studied in several European countries)? Is happy to share experience for those who are curious to step outside. What comes next? Can speak broad about perspectives after university - both in Sweden and elsewhere, and both in companies and academia. Will be available digitally and probably also for meeting on Uppsala campus.
  • Language: English

Justin Casimir - Project manager, RISE research institutes of Sweden

  • Alumn from: Master in Sustainable Development
  • Of interest for: international students thinking about working in Sweden
  • Offer: Experience, tips and tricks for international students thinking about working in Sweden. Open to discuss more freely open any questions you might have. In the current situation only online meetings.
  • Language: English

Karl-König Königsson – Manager Embedded Development, Mimer Information Technology

  • Alumn from: Mathematics
  • Of interest for students who study: computer science, IT, mathematics
  • Offer: Experiences both from the consulting life, what it is like to have your own company, about starting a company together with others and about working in a product company. Is responsible for Mimer Information Technology's embedded products, but also has twenty-five years of in-house consulting business behind him. Offers meetings at Mimer's office in Uppsala and / or on Campus. Mimer is a spin-off from the university and makes the database with the same name which, in addition to being a commercial product, is also used in teaching databases in, for example, Uppsala and Örebro.
  • Language: Swedish

Katarina Hedman - Statistical Science Director, AstraZeneca

  • Alumn from: Master & Bachelor Mathematics
  • Of interest for students who study: mathematics, biotechnology, data science or PhD
  • Offer: Mentor discussions and reflection on how to thrive in Big Pharma. For example how to get your first job or manager position, how to succeed in an environment that is very development-intensive and what it is like to work in multicounty interdisciplinary virtual projects (where all meetings are digital). Has a PhD in Medicine, an executive MBA, and 15 years leadership experience (AstraZeneca, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Phadia, Pharmacia). Can meet digitally.
  • Language: Swedish/English

Marielle Hagström – Project Engineer and Team Leader, Hitachi-ABB Power Grids

  • Alumn from: Bachelor's Programme in Electrical Engineering
  • Of interest for students who study: engineering within electicity/energy/physics
  • Offer: a digital meeting and a study visit to Hitachi-ABB Power Grids in Ludvika (if covid restrictions allow this). Tips on how to get summer jobs and degree projects. Offers information about the opportunities that exist within Hitachi -ABB Power Grids and what I myself have worked with during my four years in the company. My thoughts on working as a consultant from my time on ÅF / AFRY's electric power team and what I learned from it. Experience from system design, control, protection and commissioning of HVDC systems.
  • Language: Swedish

Michael Hansson – Enhetschef, SMHI i Uppsala

  • Alumn from: Physics
  • Of interest for students who study: meteorology, physics, earth sciences or are interested in leadership
  • Offer: a meeting digitally or at campus and then a meeting at their workplace SMHI Uppsala. The latter depends on the covid restrictions this spring. Has a licentiate degree in meteorology, and has previously worked as an officer with international experience from foreign assignments. Has moved around Sweden in various workplaces in the militarily alternated with civilian work and has since the beginning of the 2000s chosen the managerial path.
  • Language: Swedish

Olof Grund – Software Engineer, Native Instruments

  • Alumn from: Master's Programme in Engineering Physics
  • Of interest for students who study: software development, programming, engineering
  • Offer: An insight into the industry and what you work with as a software developer / programmer. General guidance in the studies. Tips on exchange studies. Tips on degree projects abroad. Insight into today's IT industry. What technologies are used? How to get a job? What is good to know before your first job? Did ERASMUS studies in Berlin and chose to stay. Has since then done degree work in Berlin and worked as a software engineer at the clothing company Zalando and the music company Native Instruments (both in Berlin). Offers at least two meetings digitally.
  • Language: Swedish/English

Rickard Magnusson – Co-founder, Housecar.se

  • Alumn from: Master's Programme in Sociotechnical Systems Engineering
  • Of interest for students who: are interested in entrepreneurship and start-ups
  • Offer: a fairly broad picture of slightly different opportunities and especially for those who are interested in entrepreneurship. Now runs a startup called housecar.se together with three others, a sharing service for motorhomes and caravans (a bit like Airbnb but for motorhomes and caravans). Has previously run a web agency for a few years and worked as a consultant in IT. Offers study visits to the tech entrepreneur hub Base10 in Uppsala.
  • Language: Swedish

Santosh Shinde - Global Trainee, Suzuki Garphyttan

  • Alumn from: Master Programme in Industrial Management and Innovation
  • Of interest for students interested in: industrial management and innovation,  international students
  • Offer: provide mentoring through digital meetings about life in Sweden as well as student life in Uppsala. Things to do and not to do when moving to Sweden for International Students. Basic guiding on the Student life at Uppsala University. Ideas, tricks and tips on job seeking for International people. Sharing knowledge about topics and subjects involving Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Logistics, Data Analysis, Digitalization, Product Development and Innovation. Also discuss new business ideas and startups. To add on more how to be more social and meet people during the student life and networking in general. Recently started the position as Global Trainee for Suzuki Garphyttan in Örebro, Sweden.
  • Language: English

Simon Smedberg - Produktionsteknisk chef, Sandvik Coromant

  • Alumn from: Bachelor's Programme in Mechanical Engineering
  • Of interest for students who study: engineering
  • Offer: one or more meetings on campus. Depending on how covid-19 develops, maybe study visits to Sandvik Coromant in Gimo (at the time of writing, this is unfortunately not possible). If a visit to us is not possible, we can find digital alternatives and / or more meetings on campus. Can provide insight into what they work with (the department is responsible for automated CAM preparations and process planning), but perhaps above all about working methods and philosophies in areas such as continuous improvement, digitization / industry 4.0, leadership and automation. Can also mediate contacts with colleagues and employees with other skills. The students' interests may to a large extent guide the focus of the program. Hope for an open dialogue with the students about what they are passionate about and how they see the future working life.
  • Language: Swedish

Tobias Wikström – Projektledare, Hitachi ABB Powergrids

  • Alumn from: materiala physics
  • Of interest for students who study: engineering or PhD
  • Offer: experience from the step into working life, previous work at ABB in Västerås and insight into the work at Hitachi ABB Powergrid's semiconductor factory in Lenzburg, Switzerland. Also has a PhD in electrical engineering and can guide in the question "should I get a PhD or start working?" from his perspective. Has previously worked at ABB Corporate Research in Västerås. Digital meetings only due to ongoing pandemic, but possibly meeting on campus if the situation changes.
  • Language: Swedish

Tail an Alumn. Illustration.