Tail an Alum

Take the opportunity to get an insight into working life!

“Tail an Alum” is a small-scale mentoring program where current students meet with a former student, an Alum, to exchange experience. Each alum will receive a group of 4-5 students.

The alumni will apply first and specify where they work, which program they have studied and what they want to offer the students. We will select a number of alumni and publish their profiles here. When the students apply, they get to specify which alumnus they would prefer to tail and motivate their decision.

We will then match the students with the alumni to the best of our ability. We will arrange a preparatory meeting for the students where you will get suggestions of questions to ask and how to prepare to get the most out of your meetings. During the program, you will be able to get support from study counsellors.

The program will run for 10 weeks in January-April, 2022.

Compendium with tips and advice

Participating Alumni

Alexandra Umprecht - PhD student, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

  • Alum from: Applied Biotechnology
  • Of interest for students who: are interested in the pharmaceutical industry, ML applications, or of studying an industrial PhD.
  • Offer:. 2-3 meetings where at least on can be IRL.
  • More info: Part of Innovation and Technology Sciences in the Pharmaceutical Sciences group of Takeda (based in Austria) - focused on digitalization of bioprocesses, which includes implementation of various mathematical and machine learning methods to optimize product development and manufacturing of biological drugs. Previously worked in Biopharmaceutical Graduate Development Programme at AstraZeneca based in Cambridge UK. Generally can offer insights on early careers in the pharmaceutical industry as well as insights on advantages and disadvantages of studying an industrial PhD. My experiences apply primarily to the UK and Austria, but due to work for global companies should be relatively generalizable.
  • Language: English

Anders Hedström – Sales Manager, Illumina

  • Alum from: Master's Programme in Molecular Biotechnology Engineering
  • Of interest for students who: study Molecular Biotechnology Engineering, are interested in medical technology and genetic analysis
  • Offer:. 2-3 digital or IRL meetings
  • More info: Illumina is a world leading company in genetic analysis with genotyping and sequencing, characterization of covid-19 virus for example, but also in equipment and chemistry for cancer diagnostics, investigations of rare diseases, among other things. This is an extremely exciting market with rapid development. I am in charge of sales in the Nordics and Baltics where I lead a team of 6-10 people. I studied Molecular Biotechnology Engineering in 1993-2000 and have had jobs in both R&D and commercial roles and worked in Sweden, USA and Europe. I did my degree project in San Diego and I have also worked from Princeton in New Jersey (at Gyros US Inc.).
  • Language: Swedish, English

Björn Fällman, Electricity Quality Engineer, Vattenfall Eldistribution

  • Alum from: Master's Programme in Energy Systems Engineering
  • Of interest for students who: are interested in electricity quality issues
  • Offer:. 2-3 meetings where at least on is IRL, Study visit to his workplace
  • More info: I work with electricity quality issues within Vattenfall Eldistribution. I can offer an overview of the field of work, insight into how Vattenfall Eldistribution works with electricity quality issues, and what challenges and opportunities exist in the field. I can offer a visit to our office in Solna where you can meet some of my colleagues, see some of our measuring equipment, get a demonstration of analysis tools, etc.
  • Language: Swedish

Christopher Selander – Project Engineer, IBA (Ion Beam Applications)

  • Alum from: Bachelor's Programme in Electrical Engineering
  • Of interest for students who: are curious about working abroad, especially in electrical engineering and medical technology.
  • Offer:. 2-3 digital meetings
  • More info: Project engineer at IBA (Belgium). Working on improvement projects to optimize installations and service in the field of medical devices, specifically proton therapy used to treat cancer patients. I can share my experiences of working abroad (USA, Belgium) and about product development in a tightly regulated industry (medical devices). I participated in the program last year (via zoom) and I’m available for discussions and customization in case there are any special requests.
  • Language: Swedish, English

Darius Vagrys – Regulatory Scientist, Voisin Consulting Life Sciences

  • Alum from: Master in Biochemistry
  • Of interest for: biochemistry/chemistry/pharmacy students interested in alternative careers outside academia, e.g. consulting.
  • Offer:. 2-3 digital meetings
  • More info: My work mainly involves preparation of document packages used to initiate various clinical trials in Europe and the rest of the world as a part of Clinical Trials Submissions & Operations group. These packages include essential information about investigational medicinal product (IMP) (small molecules, biologics, gene therapies etc.), patient recruitment details, clinical trial protocols, clinical site information, pharmacy manuals etc. Daily tasks also include checking national/country-specific requirements and interacting with both Competent and Ethical Authorities to ensure that the provided packages include all required information, thus avoiding any validation issues or delays. In addition to this, I am also involved in regulatory and CMC (chemistry, manufacturing, controls) activities which include working on anonymization reports for marketing authorization applications, establishing regulatory roadmaps in EU/UK, ensuring regulatory compliance of QP (Qualified Person) declarations. Has a PhD degree in Chemistry/Structural Biology.
  • Language: English

David Höjenberg – Solution Architect, Swedavia AB

  • Alum from: Master's Programme in Molecular Biotechnology Engineering
  • Of interest for students who: study engineering, computer science, management and MILI.
  • Offer: 2-3 digital or IRL meetings
  • More info: IT Solution Architect - Design of IT landscapes and its associated architecture. Offer an honest sounding board, guidance and input for personal development if you are facing a crossroads in your education or future working life. A recurring theme during previous mentorships have been students who have not always been sure whether they want to work with what their education path of choice generally leads to. Profound presence and engagement within the student nations and union, which leads to an understanding regarding how you can leverage and make that experience count when applying for work. Prefers to meet a group of students on several occasions throughout the period. Currently employed as an IT Solutions Architect at Swedavia (Swedish airports) and their IT landscape. Solution architecture can be likened to advanced problem solving and project management. As a solution architect, you must have a broad understanding of how things work, and keep a holistic approach to how everything is affected by the solutions you develop as an architect. David is also self-employed in business development and a consultant within IT Management.
  • Language: Swedish, English.

Emma Lundin - Urban WASH Specialist, UNICEF

  • Alum from: Master's Programme in Environmental and Water Engineering
  • Of interest for students who: are interested in water issues and aid work
  • Offer:. 2-3 digital meetings
  • More info: As an Urban WASH Specialist at UNICEF, I coordinate the ongoing work to restore water infrastructure and other measures to increase access to safe water and sanitation. In my role, I am also involved in providing technical advice to the ongoing projects. Another part is to highlight the work that is being carried out, why it is important, and communicate this to ministers and other decision-makers in the country and among donors. Since I live and work in Venezuela, I cannot promise any IRL meetings.
  • Language: Swedish, English

Erik Vallgren - Manager Press Tools Production, Sandvik Coromant Gimo

  • Alum from: Master's Programme in Chemical Engineering with material science
  • Of interest for students who: are interested in what it is like to manage a group, are interested in a career in materials science
  • Offer:. 2-3 digital meetings, Study visit to his workplace
  • More info: Responsible for production of press tools for Sandvik Coromant insert production units. Several machine and process groups. Responsible for budget, safety development and continuous improvements. Staff of 20 direct reporting machine operators.
  • Language: Swedish

Fabian Engel - Investigator and Project Manager Tyréns AB

  • Alum from: PhD in Limnology (undergrad in environmental science)
  • Of interest for students who: are interested in limnology or environmental science, doctoral students interested in career paths outside the academy
  • Offer:. 2-3 digital or IRL meetings
  • More info: Investigator and Project Manager in water chemistry, water management, water ecology etc. Has a bachelor's and master's degree in environmental science and a PhD in limnology
  • Language: Swedish, English

Gurruraj Anantharramu - Team Lead Manager, Fluido OY

  • Alum from: Industrial Management and Innovation
  • Of interest for: international students who want to work in Sweden, MILI students, IT students
  • Offer:. 2-3 meetings where at least on is IRL.
  • More info: I’m currently working as a Business Consultant and Project Manager on CRM related project for Nordic customers. I’m also a Team Lead managing a team of 10 Salesforce CRM Developers and Architects. Along with these roles, I support the pre-sales team in Request-For-Proposal (RFP) from a service standpoint providing solutions on Salesforce technology. I’m a certified Scrum Master and come from a developer background with over 14+ years of Business Consulting experience. I can offer insights, experiences and industry best practices on program, project, and service management, business consulting, delivery management, IT service management, pre-sales, transition management and business strategy and development.
  • Language: English

Johan Pettersson - Research Engineer, GEMS PET Systems AB (GE Healthcare)

  • Alum from: Bachelor's program in Chemistry, followed by Master's Program in Analytical Chemistry
  • Of interest for students who: are interested in particle accelerators and their uses or medical technology.
  • Offer:. 2-3 meetings where at least on is IRL, Study visit to his workplace
  • More info: I work as a radio chemist in R&D and my job title is research engineer. I work with cyclotrons (a type of particle accelerators) to transmute various elements to produce radioisotopes/radiotracers with medically favorable characteristics. For example, it may involve transmuting 68Zn to 68Ga to produce [68Ga] Ga-PSMA-11 (a so-called "tracer") which is used in the diagnosis of prostate cancer. The radioactive material often needs to be dissolved/separated/purified/coupled with a biomolecule/peptide/antibody, which is done by programming different lab modules. Part of my job is to develop just such methods and another part is to write research articles about our progress. My working days are quite different, but they often consist of a little lab work, a little contact with customers and partners, rewrite/present results and read articles. Our factory and our labs are located in Librobäck, and there is both a good bike path all the way to the front and a bus stop close by. During study visits, students get to see our cyclotron factory, our labs, and possibly a demo where we transmit some radioactivity. Before the study visit, it may be worthwhile to give a short lecture on radiochemistry to present relevant theory, and tell about what different applications radiochemistry is used for.
  • Language: Swedish

Karl-König Königsson – Manager Embedded Development, Mimer Information Technology AB

  • Alum from: Mathematics
  • Of interest for students who: study computer science, IT, mathematics, are interested in databases, are interested in self-employment, want to know more about starting a company together with others and consulting
  • Offer:. 2-3 digital or IRL meetings, Study visit to his workplace
  • More info: Karl-König works at Mimer Information Technology AB, a company with a long history and roots in the university and which has a SQL database server as a product. Karl-König is the manager of the group that works with embedded systems and product manager for Mimer's database solution in that area and with a strong focus on the automotive industry, which today is facing a comprehensive transition to greater and greater software dependence. Before Karl-König ended up at Mimer, he was a consultant for over 25 years and as such worked both in Sweden and abroad in many different projects and roles. As a consultant, he was self-employed, but also helped to start a consulting company to gather self-employed people in a larger organization. In addition to his work at Mimer, Karl-König is chairman of a foundation that runs school activities here in Uppsala and in that role also chairman of the various limited companies owned by the foundation. He also has a position at the program council for the master's program Industrial Analysis at Uppsala University.
  • Language: Swedish, English

Kerstin Johansen - Assistant Professor, Jönköping University

  • Alum from: Master's Programme in Engineering Physics
  • Of interest for students who: study engineering programs on master level or MSc-programs and want to see the possibilities in both academia and industry
  • Offer:. 2-3 digital meetings, maybe study visit
  • More info: I am an assistant professor at Jönköping University with a focus on integrated product and production development. I lead a research group of about 20 people with research in close collaboration with Swedish manufacturing industry - large and small companies, and mainly with challenges linked to introducing emerging technologies in their business. My projects include how to automate production with connection to sensors, robotics, automation and digitization to achieve an effective production adaptation and production development. Furthermore, I work to develop an integrated research and educational environment in the area of ​​integrated product development and production. On the way to my role today, I have worked as a high school engineer, civil engineer, industrial doctoral student, research assistant, senior lecturer in two different areas, associate professor and now assistant professor. I have worked for more than 10 years in industry, about 20 years at Linköping University and now in a strategic academic role at Jönköping University. If possible, maybe I can come to Uppsala to meet the students. If we are creative, then maybe we can create an opportunity where the students and I can carry out an industrial study visit together in northern Stockholm / Uppsala region or in Linköping, to together discuss the importance of understanding how a technical physicist can affect industrial competitiveness by a holistic understanding.
  • Language: Swedish, English

Lovisa Ellegren – Project Manager, Buildings Division Uppsala Universitet

  • Alum from: Master's Programme in Sociotechnical Systems Engineering
  • Of interest for students who: want to see the width of jobs waiting for graduation, are interested in project management
  • Offer:. 2-3 IRL meetings, Study visit to her workplace
  • More info: I work as a project manager at the Buildings Division at Uppsala University. As a project manager at the Buildings Division, I work with local projects within the university's premises. It can be anything from big to small, e.g. rebuild a lunch room at Engelska parken or rebuild an entire department at BMC or a completely new house at Ångström! The daily work consists for example of planning together with the property owners, communication with relevant businesses and follow-up of timeline and budget. It is a very fun and social job where you get to learn more about many different activities and their needs within the university. Together we can look at what a construction project looks like on site in one of the University's premises and I can tell you more about what it is like to make a career at the University without taking the academic path. I am also happy to tell you about my previous work experience both from a large technology consulting company and at the Region, and the difference between working private-, regionally- and state-owned company respectively.
  • Language: Swedish, English

Madelene Wiil – Advisor, Sustainability And Circular Design, Knightec AB

  • Alum from: Master's Programme in Sustainable Development
  • Of interest for students who: are interested in sustainable and circular product development, and curious about the consulting business.
  • Offer: 2-3 meetings where at least one is IRL, Study visit to the workplace.
  • More info: Knightec is a technology consulting company that operates within many industries, like Life Science and Automotive. Knightec's goal is that "in 2025 we only work with product- and service development that drives our client's sustainability agendas". I work as an advisor in sustainability and circular design, and I am a driver of Knightec's service area "Circular Product Development" that aims to integrate sustainability into our customers' product development processes. I also hold seminars and courses both internally and externally. I have worked as a product developer for over 15 years, and designed products like speed monitoring systems, thermal imaging cameras, implants, anesthesia machines and simulation manikins. I am also an expert in plastic design, and it was my interest for environmental impacts of plastics that brought me into the Master's programme in sustainable development. I hope that my experience can inspire students to work with sustainable product development when they get into working life.
  • Language: Swedish, English

Magnus Hellqvist – Geologist and Environmental Consultant, Geoveta AB

  • Alum from: Geoscience
  • Of interest for students who: are interested in working as an environmental consultant, are interested in land and water issues
  • Offer:. 2-3 IRL meetings or 2-3 meetings where at least one meeting is IRL, Study visit to his workplace
  • More info: Geologist, environmental consultant with questions about contaminated soil, ground & soil, surface and groundwater issues, sometimes involved in geotechnics, coursework; assignment management, national resource, environmental control construction site (water protection area). Planning assignments (eg sampling), sampling (fieldwork), site visits, analyzes, evaluation, investigation, planning, risk assessments, advice and support, reporting, etc. Is also a resource consultant at the Swedish Transport Administration, environmental control Värmdö municipality.
  • Language: Swedish

Marielle Hagström – Project Engineer and Team Leader, Hitachi Energy (Former ABB Power Grids)

  • Alum from: Master's Programme in Electrical Engineering
  • Of interest for students who: study engineering within electicity/energy/physics
  • Offer:. 2-3 meetings where at least on is IRL, Study visit to her workplace
  • More info: I am working with electrical system design, control and protection for HVDC-links across the world. It’s a very technical job which consists of calculations, simulation, coding and testing together with interesting internal and external customer discussion to finalize the design. If the pandemic situations allow, I can arrange a study visit to the Hitachi Energy’s facility in Ludvika where you will have the possibility to visit a couple of business units. Furthermore, I will present my background from studying in Uppsala to where I am today after 6 years of working experience in various positions, and the lessons learned during that time.
  • Language: Swedish, English

Peiyu Wang - Senior Data Scientist, Klarna Bank AB

  • Alum from: Financial Mathematic
  • Of interest for students who: are interested in the financial sector, are interested in ML methods, study mathematics or computer science
  • Offer:. 2-3 meetings where at least on is IRL, Study visit to his workplace.
  • More info: I am working as a Senior Data Scientist, build the credit risk model (Machine Learning Model) to predict the Probability of Default on each transaction going Klarna checkout. Currently Sweden, Germany, and Netherlands transactions going through my model for the decision on Accept or Reject.
  • Language: English

Sofia Widengren - Channel Sales Manager, Microsoft

  • Alum from: Master's Programme in Environmental and Water Engineering
  • Of interest for students who: are interested in customer relationships, are interested in cloud-based data processing services, are studying for a master's degree in engineering or computer science, have an interest in alternative career paths for engineers/project managers within tech
  • Offer:. 2-3 meetings where at least on is IRL, Study visit to her workplace given that the restrictions allow it
  • More info: Today I work as Channel Sales Manager for Azure at Microsoft in Stockholm. This role has a twofold responsibility. The first part is working with partners and partner development with a focus on how they can develop their skills, their business interests and drive Azure forward with their end customers - the right partner to the right customer. To help with this, I have a team of four Azure ambassadors that I coach and sre responsible for. These work strategically with some Microsoft partners with the goal of promoting cloud projects and strategic development. The second part includes supporting Start-ups, ISV (Independent Software Vendors) partners and end customers in how they can best use Azure to promote their business. This also focuses on development and strategy, but more from a needs and customer perspective. In addition to this, I participate as a representative at partner events, speak at conferences and act as an ambassador for the Swedish SME segment within Azure. Before Microsoft I worked as a project manager and with internal sustainability initiatives and education at WSP.
  • Language: Swedish, English

Wenting Jin - ASIC developer, Ericsson AB

  • Alum from: Master's Program in Computer Science
  • Of interest for students who: study computer science or engineering, are interested in working as a developer
  • Offer:. 2-3 meetings where at least on is IRL, Study visit to her workplace
  • More info: ASIC developer, hardware and software
  • Language: Swedish, English

Ylva Hedeland – Hospital Chemist, Akademiska laboratoriet

  • Alum from: Chemical engineering, PhD from the Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Of interest for students who: Student that attend the Master programme in Chemistry, master's Programme in Chemical Engineering or bachelor’s Programme in Biomedical Engineering. Other students with an interest in analytical chemistry and that would like to work in a clinical laboratory. 
  • Offer: 2–3 digital or IRL meetings, Study visit to her workplace
  • More info: Hospital chemist at the division of Clinical chemistry and Pharmacology, Akademiska laboratory. This is a 24/7 laboratory with a high degree of lab automation to facilitate a short turnaround time for the samples from the care (e.g., the emergency unit or the intensive care unit). More than 80% of the samples (in the 24/7 assortment) are reported to the caregivers within 45 minutes after arrival to the lab. Furthermore, also several high technological methods such as e.g., drug related genotyping and drug immunity testing of certain cancer tumours, are performed at the lab.  The hospital chemist has the technical responsibility for methods and instruments and works with e.g., trouble shouting, method development and validation. 
  • Language: Swedish, English

The program is a collaboration between Uppsala University and Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students.

Questions? Contact Maja Garde Lindholm via e-mail alumni@teknat.uu.se

Last modified: 2022-01-14