Programs and courses

All programs at Teknat are structured according to a programme syllabus which describes the program’s purpose and goals as well as its degree requirements. Within the programme syllabus is a more detailed outline which specifies the courses included in the program. Relevant to all programs is the fact that the student must apply for his or her courses each term. In order to take a course the student must be admitted to and registered for the course.

Managing your studies

You can find the current schedule for your programme and your courses with the booking system TimeEdit.

Information about your lectures and your courses is found in the university’s new learning platform Studium. Some courses will still be found in the university’s older platform Studentportalen under 2021.

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You can find your study documentation in Ladok. This is where you can access your results, manage your course registration and register for exams and re-exams in your unfinished courses. You can also request a verification statement of your studies and order your diploma here.

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Most course grades are set partially or exclusively based on students’ achieved results on written examinations. A student who misses an examination can re-take the exam at a later date, during a re-exam period. Pre-registration is mandatory for both regular examinations and re-examinations. Exam registration is done in Ladok at least 12 days prior to the examination date. 

Transferring courses for credit

You may have the option to include a course or courses from other Swedish institutions of higher education or courses taken abroad, for example from your study-abroad exchange, in your degree. In most cases you need to apply for a formal credit transfer.

Masters’ degree project

Toward the end of your program you will complete a thesis project. This is an individual project in which you apply the previously gained knowledge from your program. You don’t register for this course on, rather you are accepted and registered upon fulfillment of the formal requirements in order to begin the course.

Last modified: 2021-04-29