Study abroad for Teknat students

Uppsala University boasts exchange agreements with 400 universities in some 50 countries!
See the whole list of all exchange agreements at Uppsala University (664 kB) 

Exchange agreements within the Faculty


General agreements

General exchange programmes are open to all students. These programmes comprise multiple or all subject areas at the foreign host university. The International Office is responsible for general exchange programmes. For more information about studying abroad through Uppsala University

Department-/subject-based agreements

Most exchange programmes are found here. They are tied to studies at a particular department or in a certain subject area. Today these agreements are not available on one single site (but work is underway to provide this). The departments will provide more information about what exchange programmes they have. They also administrate those exchanges.

Have you been on an exchange and want some help translating your experiences into soft skills. The faculty career coach and International Officer organice workshops. 

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Planning ahead

It’s never too early to start planning your studies abroad. The International Office only has one application round per region per academic year. Exchanges with the southern hemisphere follow the calendar year (that is, Spring semester – Autumn semester) and are posted in the autumn. Exchanges in the northern hemisphere follow the academic year, and are posted in the spring. North America is an exception, with postings the preceding autumn, that is, nearly a year in advance.

Deadline for exchange studies

For exchange organised by the faculty or institutions during 2019/2020

Deadline: The 15th of February.

Some places may be leftover, first come first serve (if you are eligibel for an exchange). Contact each department or the international officer at the faculty for more information. 


NORDTEK is a programme for master-level engineering students with exchanges between engineering colleges in the Nordic countries. The contact person for these exchanges is Magnus Strandås at the UTH Office.  More information on the NORDTEK website

Travel on your own

Sometimes there is no exchange agreement with the place you want to visit, but this should not deter you from travelling there on your own. However, arranging your own studies abroad does require more planning than travelling within the framework of an exchange. You have to contact the university and submit an application yourself. Remember to check with your programme director to see whether the courses you want to take will be transferrable for credit. The greatest obstacle is that most countries outside the Nordic area charge fees for tuition.

When in your programme should you go abroad?

For the general exchange programmes you must have studied for at least one full-time semester at Uppsala University when you apply and when you leave the country you must have completed at least one year of full-time studies. Other exchange programmes may have other stipulations. If you want the courses you take abroad to be counted for credit in your programme, you may have to wait until the latter years of the programme to travel abroad, depending on what programme you are pursuing.

In master programmes it is easy to transfer credit for courses from other universities, as the syllabus is generally very liberal in this regard. It is always possible to carry out your degree project abroad, regardless of programme. You can also choose to take a one-year approved leave of absence from your studies to study abroad and regard this as an extra qualification beyond your degree.

How do you finance studies abroad?

The following scholarships are available:

  • "Erasmus" scholarship for exchange studies via the Erasmus Programme (Europe). Applies to most exchange programmes within Europe. The scholarship is for ca 20 000 kr for an academic year.
  • "Nordplus" scholarship for exchange studies via the Nordplus Network (Nordic countries). Applies to most exchange programmes within the Nordic countries. The scholarship is for ca 20 000 kr for an academic year.
  • There are few other scholarships available (such as ICI-ECP scholarships and MFS). For general exchange programmes scholarships are posted on the homepage for the respective regions. It can also be worthwhile to look for out-of-the-way scholarships.
Last modified: 2022-06-16