"I want to see your plans for the future"

6 november 2018

Research presentations and panel discussions were followed by a mingle at the Ångström Laboratory on 2 October.

On 2 October, an alumni event on the major social challenges of the future was held at the Ångström Laboratory.

The event, Research and collaboration of the future was organised by Uppsala University Alumni Network and offered research presentations and panel discussions.

Some voices from the alumni who attended the event:

1.    What brought you here today?

2.    What did you think about the event?

3.    As an alumnus, what would you like to see from the University?

Emil Olsson, Master Programme in Chemical Engineering, spring semester 2017 works at ÅF in Uppsala with a commission for GE Healthcare:

1.     Naturally, you always want to find out about what the latest research has achieved and where it will progress. My workplace ÅF also works extensively with social issues, so it fits in well with what was discussed today.

2.      The part about hospitals was interesting, as ÅF is highly involved in this area. The fact that larger companies are willing to join in and work in the hospital arena. I also think that additive manufacturing is really interesting, in light of my education – I studied something very similar to this type of material development.

3.       I want to see more collaboration between industry and university in general. That was also why I came here. One aspect of beginning a collaboration is meeting up more often. So it is good to have the chance to come to this type of event.


Therese Gustafsson, Master Programme in Engineering Physics, spring semester 1999 works in a customer-facing role at Thermo-Calc Software, a spinoff company from KTH with materials science software and research:

1.       I haven’t been to one of these alumni events previously, but I thought the topics seemed interesting, especially additive manufacturing as I now work with the material sciences.

3.       I want to see what’s happening here, your plans for the future and which areas you are backing. And I think I found good examples here.


Viktor Sanderyd, Master Programme in Chemical Engineering, 2018 will start work at Graphmatech and develop their graphene products:

2.     I thought the level was really good, it was easy to process everything. Inspirational rather than information-heavy, which I suppose was the point. Emphasise the possibilities rather than give all the details, mainly to find out what is going on at the University.

3.     Nothing specific, whatever happens will be good. I want to know about the opportunities available, both in the profession and what can be done to join certain parts together. It was great to find out that help is available from UU Innovation instead of going directly to Vinnova; there is the possibility to apply for venture capital to start a company.


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