Several Uppsala researchers awarded major KAW grants

27 mars 2019

The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation has allocated grants in several of its major programmes of research. Six researchers at Uppsala University have been appointed as Wallenberg Scholars, while one is to be a Clinical Scholar and two have been awarded grants in the Programme for Mathematics.

The Wallenberg Scholars award programme is intended to support and stimulate some of the most successful researchers at Swedish universities. The recipients are awarded SEK 18 million each over five years.

The following researchers at Uppsala University have been appointed as Wallenberg Scholars.

Dan I Andersson, Professor of Medical Bacteriology: his research addresses how bacteria become resistant to antibiotics, and his research group is also developing new principles of antibiotic design, dosage and diagnostics.

Kristina Edström, Professor of Inorganic Chemistry: her research is about the batteries of the future, and in her new project she is inspired by processes from nature to attempt to create more sustainable and, to some extent, “self-healing” batteries.

Taija Mäkinen, Associate Professor: her research in vascular biology concerns, in particular, the lymphatic system and identification of mechanisms underlying the formation of lymphatic vessels in specific organs and tissues. The purpose is to obtain knowledge of why diseases of the lymphatic system are usually specific to certain types of vessel or tissue.

Nikolai Piskunov, Professor of Observational Astrophysics: in his research, he studies Earth-like planets in other solar systems, and his new project involves searching for molecules that are essential for life and planetary systems resembling our own.

Andreas Strömbergsson, Professor of Mathematics: his research is about mobile and static spheres. In his project, he seeks to develop mathematical methods further, and create new ones, for tackling various problems associated with limits to “homogenous spaces”.

Lars Tranvik, Professor of Limnology: in his research, he will investigate how it happens that so much dead organic material remains on the sea floor. What kind of resistance does the material have that prevents it from being decomposed by microorganisms?

Stefan James at Uppsala University is to be awarded SEK 15 million over five years as a Wallenberg Clinical Scholar.

Stefan James, Professor of Cardiology: his research involves working to develop a system in which data from investigations and treatments in cardiovascular care are provided in a more structured way. The plan is to see how care services can be improved by such means as helping doctors to individualise treatment.

The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation has also awarded the following two grants within the framework of its Programme for Mathematics.

Daniel Appelö, Associate Professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder, US: thanks to the grant, he will be a Visiting Professor at Uppsala University’s Department of Information Technology. His research project is about development of methods for computing propagation of waves, such as acoustic or seismic waves.

Jakob Zimmermann, PhD in Mathematics at Uppsala University (2018): the funding has enabled him to secure a postdoctoral position at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK. His planned project is in higher representation theory, a relatively new area of mathematics.