Phabian Award for best doctoral thesis to Uppsala alumnus

29 oktober 2020

Malin Källsten, analytical chemist, has received the Swedish Pharmaceutical Society’s Phabian Award for this year's best doctoral thesis in the field of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis.

Malin Källsten, who received her doctorate from the Department of Chemistry – BMC, has been awarded this year's Phabian Award by the Swedish Pharmaceutical Society. The award is for her thesis on methods for analysing antibody-drug conjugates.

The Phabian Award for best doctoral thesis in pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis goes this year to Uppsala alumnus Malin Källsten. In March 2020, she submitted her thesis entitled “Development and evaluation of analytical techniques for antibodies and antibody-drug conjugates” at Uppsala University. She has now received an award from the Swedish Pharmaceutical Society’s section for Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis. Besides the honour and a scholarship of SEK 25,000, Malin Källsten will be made an honorary member of the section for one year.

The award statement describes the thesis as “significant research on analytical tools for future drugs to combat cancer and other serious illnesses”.