ThinkTank award to Uppsala student for desalination solution

29 oktober 2020

Entrepreneur and Uppsala student Jonatan Persson was awarded a prize for his sustainability innovation by ThinkTank2030.

On Tuesday evening, the prize-winners for the ThinkTank 2030 ideas competition run by Naturvetarna, the Swedish Association of Professional Scientists, were announced. The prizes were awarded for sustainable solutions to benefit people, the environment, and the climate. Entrepreneur and Uppsala student Jonatan Persson took home second place for his seawater desalination solution.

The ThinkTank 2030 sustainability contest is open to all university and higher education institution students in Sweden with their innovative ideas for a more sustainable future. Jonatan Persson, who is studying management and communications at the Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering, has developed a method for reducing industrial needs for municipal water by using desalinated seawater instead. It is a solution that has attracted a lot of attention. With the help of waste heat from industrial processes, seawater can be desalinated by evaporation while cooling the industrial plant. The hope is to further develop the idea so that it can benefit water supplies globally.

Jonatan Persson was awarded SEK 10,000 and 10 hours of individual business support by Swedish Naturvetarna’s partner Verto.


ThinkTank is Naturvetarna’s innovation contest about finding sustainable solutions for the future and targets undergraduate students as well as doctoral students. ThinkTank 2030 is funded with support from SIDA through Union to Union.