Björkén Prize goes to Kristina Edström

5 oktober 2021

Kristina Edström

The 2021 Björkén Prize has been awarded to Professor Kristina Edström for her world-leading battery research.

Professor Kristina Edström has been awarded the 2021 Björkén Prize, one of Uppsala University’s most prestigious scientific prizes for preeminent research. Professor Edström receives the prize for her world-leading battery research.

The 2021 Björkén Prize is awarded to Professor Kristina Edström; according to the University Board “for her world-leading battery research to identify more powerful, safer, environmentally friendly and cheap batteries with extended durability”.

Kristina Edström has been professor of inorganic chemistry at Uppsala University since 2005. She was director during the development phase of SwedNess, the graduate school on neutron scattering, in the fields of materials and life sciences. In 2017, she was awarded an honorary doctorate by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and, in 2018, the KTH Great Prize by KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Extract from the jury’s justification for the award: “Through her enormous personal commitment, scientific competence and inspirational creativity, she successfully leads Batteries Sweden (BASE), the national centre of excellence for battery research, and coordinates the large scale European research initiative Battery 2030+.”

The Björkén Prize is one of Uppsala University’s most prestigious scientific awards for preeminent research. It was first awarded in 1902 and is alternately awarded to four different fields. The 2021 prize was awarded in the category Chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, and geology.