Materials science researchers achieve top rankings

28 april 2023

Portrait of Anders Hagfeldt

Uppsala University’s Vice-Chancellor Anders Hagfeldt is one of the world’s most highly cited researchers.

Four of Uppsala University’s materials science researchers are among the most prominent in Sweden within the field, according to’s recently published ranking list. Top of the list is Vice-Chancellor Anders Hagfeldt, whose solar cell research has also led to him being ranked 85th internationally.

This is the second time that has compiled a list of the leading national and international materials science researchers. The ranking is based on factors such as how often the researchers’ work is cited by other researchers. In addition to Hagfeldt, who has been cited no fewer than 103,499 times, the ranking also includes Claes-Göran Granqvist, Professor of Solid State Physics at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. He is the fifth highest ranked researcher within the field in Sweden, and the 595th internationally.

In seventh place in the Swedish top ten, and in position 745 internationally, is Professor of Physical Chemistry Gerrit Boschloo.

Ninth place in the Swedish list and 750th place internationally went to Professor of Physics Rajeev Ahuja, who specialises in theoretical materials studies at the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

Several other fields based its list on materials gathered on 21 December 2022. The site also lists researchers within several other fields. The following researchers from Uppsala University were included in the national top ten lists within their respective areas. The data on which these lists are based was compiled on the same day as for materials science.

Researchers within business and management:
Professor Emeritus Jan Johansson from the Department of Business Studies.
Position: 4 (324 internationally)

Researchers within computer science:
Professor Joakim Nivre from the Department of Linguistics and Philology.
Position: 5 (1,288 internationally)

Senior Lecturer Zhihan Lyu from the Department of Game Design.
Position: 7 (1,661 internationally)

Professor Yi Wang from the Department of Information Technology.
Position: 10 (2,224 internationally)

Researchers within ecology and evolution:
Professor Lars Tranvik from the Department of Ecology and Genetics.
Position: 2 (209 internationally)

Researchers within electronics and electrical engineering:
Professor Peter Stoica from the Department of Information Technology.
Position: 1 (46 internationally)

Researchers within mathematics:
Professor Svante Janson from the Department of Mathematics.
Position: 1 (173 internationally)

Professor Janson also came seventh (448 internationally) in the list of leading researchers within engineering and technology.