SEK 80 million to top international researchers

12 oktober 2017

The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation has awarded a total of SEK 560 million to 18 research projects deemed to be of the highest international class and to have potential to lead to future scientific breakthroughs. Uppsala University is receiving a total of nearly SEK 80 million for three of its projects.

“The project funding has primarily been granted for basic research in medicine, technology and the physical sciences. The funding gives researchers an opportunity to invest in risky and long-term projects. The basic idea is to give them the freedom to both succeed and fail, with no requirements for results or applications,” says Peter Wallenberg Jr., chairman of the board of the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation.

The foundation applies a strict peer-review process: the applications are assessed by the leading international researchers in each field.

2017 project grants to Uppsala University

  • Project: “Mast cells and their proteases: future targets for asthma therapy and diagnosis”. Funding awarded: SEK 34,300,000 during five years. Primary applicant: Professor Gunnar Pejler, Department of Medical Biochemistry and Microbiology. Read more about Gunnar Pejler’s research
  • Project: “Development of new therapeutic strategies based on the discovery of STINP”. Funding awarded: SEK 18,000,000 during two years, with the option to extend for an additional three years. Primary Applicant: Professor Leif Andersson, Department of Medical Biochemistry and Microbiology. Read more about Leif Andersson’s research
  • Project: “Random structures and algorithms”. Funding awarded: SEK 27,500,000 during five years. Primary Applicant: Professor Svante Janson, Department of Mathematics. Read more about Svante Jansson’s research