TUR Ethics Seminar: Etik i självständigt arbete på Teknat

  • Datum: –12.00
  • Plats: Ångströmlaboratoriet Beurlingrummet
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  • Arrangör: TUR - teknisk-naturvtenskapliga fakultetens universitetspedagogiska råd
  • Kontaktperson: Björn Victor
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Välkomna till TURs etikseminarium! Seminariet syftar att inspirera, ge kunskap, och utveckla förmågan hos lärare och pedagogiska ledare att stärka etiska aspekter inom utbildningar i teknik och naturvetenskap.

All of Sweden's educational programs in science and technology have the task of educating students, according to the Higher Education Ordinance, to show an ability to make judgments with regard to ethical aspects, and to demonstrate an awareness of ethical aspects of research and development work. Also, students need to show insight into the possibilities and limitations of knowledge about science and technology, its role in society and people's responsibility for its use. This ethics training is done in different ways in different programs. However, many programs integrate ethical issues in the independent project courses in year 3.

This seminar focuses on what can be done on independent project courses to help the students fulfil the degree goals of their education. It aims to present examples done at the science and technology programs at Uppsala University. It is directed to program directors, teachers of independent project courses, pedagogical leaders, and others who have an interest in ethical issues.

Jonas Fransson (ES) and Lena Henriksson (X) will present their planned and ongoing work

About the TUR Ethics Seminar:
Welcome to the TUR Ethics Seminar! The purpose of this seminar series is to inspire, provide knowledge, and develop the skills of teachers and pedagogical leaders interested in strengthening the ethical aspects of education within the Faculty of Science and Technology. We welcome both those who are experts in ethics in science and technology, those who have some experience, and those who would like to get introduced to the topic. We discuss issues such as why and how ethics can be introduced in our education. We discuss experience in ethics training that is already being conducted at the Faculty as well as at other institutions.

Please sign up to Pia Westerlund pia.westerlund@uadm.uu.se no later than Thursday 6 February.

If you have any questions, please contact bjorn.victor@it.uu.se