We welcome collaboration!

The Faculty of Science and Technology wants to stay in close touch with the occupational world. It is important that the benefits are mutual: we offer you our broad expertise in research and education, and you can contribute with your work experience. Let’s work together! 

Educational collaboration

Do you have suggestions for assignments within the framework of an education, or do you have ideas that are neglected due to work limitations or lack of time? If so, we can discuss collaboration in connection with any of our courses. You also have the option to become a guest lecturer or receive study visits. Read more about educational collaboration.

Student collaboration

The Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students (UTN) organizes various kinds of activities to promote students' contacts with working life, such as lunch seminars, corporate evenings and career fairs. 

Help finding labour

Our students know a great deal. Engaging university students gives you the opportunity to have minor assignments performed, while connecting with students who may become attractive employees in the future. In our job database UU CareerGate, we help you advertise job offers for our students. If you want to attract our students to your company or governmental agency, you can also participate in the annual labour market fair UTNARM, organized by the students themselves.

Contract education and other skill-enhancing education

Companies, authorities and organisations have the opportunity to develop their competencies and competitiveness in close connection with ongoing research at an internationally prominent university. We develop tailor-made education and training in discussion with our clients as well as teachers and researchers at Uppsala University. Learn more at the Division for Contract Education website (only in Swedish). In addition to contract ecucation, we have our regular offering of education. Due to the consequences of the Coronavirus, we have compiled a page with tips on skills-enhancing course material and online education for laid-off engineers and scientists.

Research and development collaboration

Do you need highly qualified scientific advice? Or do you seek access to a particular scientific method? Do you want to start a project in collaboration with our research groups? At the Faculty of Science and Technology, research at the scientific fore-front is conducted at both basic and applied level. Many of our research groups engage in cooperative projects with industry. An industry-employed doctoral student, fully or partially paid by a company, is an excellent way to develop research in collaboration with a research group. The doctoral student's research project is jointly determined by the department and the company.

Long-term recruitment

It is in our common interest to increase young people’s interest in science and technology. The Faculty of Science and Technology is actively engaged in several collaborative projects with schools, also inviting businesses and government agencies. One example is the annual science festival SciFest.

Last modified: 2023-01-25